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Shoring Systems


Complete solution for shoring, slabs and garage beam applications

Transport for table and garage applications

MEVA offers efficient, intelligent and easy-to-assemble support solutions. All unnecessary parts have been eliminated, so the systems can be built from just a few basic components and frame types. This streamlines storage, handling and logistics, is cost effective and maximises safety on site.

The choice of modular shoring tower system depends on the slab height and specific shoring function.

MEVA32 is a versatile yet simple system capable of handling virtually any project. The lightweight aluminum frame has a total load capacity of 32kips (142kN). The high load means fewer frames are required, saving labour, time, equipment and space on site.

It can be used vertically as a traditional shoring tower using cross braces. It can also be assembled horizontally on the ground as a flying table or a garage beam system using MEP gates, and then flown into position by crane.

Saddle beams with a folding head complete the system for easy placement and movement as a unit. At the completion of a section of a concrete pour, towers can be put on standard MEP trucks and rolled to the next section by just one or two workers without being dismantled.


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Varied heights

  • 4’, 5’, 6’, and 8’ 


  • Easy to handle.


  • Used with cross braces or MEP gates
  • Built in-place or flown
  • Easy conversion from shoring tower to a garage beam system or a flying table


  • Heads can accommodate a single or double row of aluminum stringer
  • Frame folds for easy movement without ­disassembly
  • Towers can be rolled from pour to pour using standard MEP trucks

Making movement easy
Frames are connected together horizontally using cross braces, or MEP gates, allowing versatile applications for:

  • conventional shoring
  • table shoring
  • garage beam shoring
  • tall towers erected on their side and lifted into place.

For more detailed technical information please refer to the download tab which contains PDF information about this product.

Standard Features

Load capacity of 16kips per leg – 32kip per frame.

Tower footprint

6’ x 3’ up to 6’ x 9’.




6’ wide by 4’, 5’, 6’ and 8’ tall.


Low weight: 6’ x 6’ frame weighs 49 lbs.


Height adjustment of 24” max. extension for each base jack and top jack.


Straightforward vertical or horizontal assembly on ground.


Cross-braces or MEP gates.


MEP truck lift.


All MEVA slab formwork systems, compatible with MEP shoring tower.

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