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Shoring Systems


Versatile system for supporting slab formwork, slab tables, beams and precast units at great heights

Safe access to slab formwork

MEVA shoring systems offer efficient, intelligent and easy-to-assemble support solutions. All unnecessary parts have been eliminated, so the systems can be built from just a few basic components and frame types. This streamlines storage, handling and logistics, is cost effective and maximises safety on site.

The choice of modular shoring tower system depends on the slab height and specific shoring function.

MEP is a versatile yet simple system capable of handling virtually any project with only a few basic components: props, extensions and frames.

The greater the clear height, the more cost-effective the assembly of ­shoring towers becomes. The two MEP props – which can be used ­independently or in conjunction with reinforcing frames as a shoring tower – provide a seamless interface with slab formwork.

The MEP frames 170 and 220 are perfectly coordinated with the MevaDec system sizes. For greater heights, ladders and tower planking facilitate safe access to the slab formwork, thereby allowing formwork assembly and ­stripping from below.


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Heavy loads supported

An illustration of a shoring system used in formwork construction

Compatible system
Fits with all MEVA slab systems and MT 60 shoring tower
Thanks to its modular design, the MEP system is flexibly adaptable to any building
geometry without creating a “forest of props”.


Few basic components
Only few basic components – props, extensions and frames – are needed to guarantee high flexibility and adaptability in accommodating diverse layouts.


MEP rapid frame connector
MEP rapid frame connector makes connections visible at a glance, enhancing safety.


SAS quick-lowering system
An efficient lowering system with automatic reset. The SAS lowers the prop by 1cm with one strike of a hammer, releasing the stress in the prop.


Inner Tube Extension
Allowing flexible vertical adjustment, the system offers the ideal means of supporting slab formwork, slab tables, beams and precast units for heights up to 2m.

Heavy loads safely supported

SAS quick-lowering system

  • Takes load off the prop with one hammer blow

Intelligent MEVA product design

  • Inner tube extension adjustable for each ­individual prop
  • Rapid frame connector makes safe ­connections visible at a glance
  • Reinforcing frame fitted to prop with rapid connector
  • Adjustable cross-braces for all prop spacings from 90 to 300 cm
  • Tube coupler for fixing at any position on profile
  • Calotte support to offset sloping surfaces
  • All platforms are automatically secured in frames against disengagement
  • Lift truck for movement of complete shoring units

Compatible with all MEVA slab systems and MT 60 shoring tower

Maximum flexibility
MEP’s height adjustment makes it the ideal system to:

  • shore slab formwork at great heights
  • shore table forms (frame construction)
  • create table forms used for large slab areas
  • support balconies, prefab parts and beams.

For more detailed technical information please refer to the download tab which contains PDF information about this product.

Technical Information

Admissible Load Capacity: 30kN load capacity per leg (according configuration).


Steel, Aluminium.


Wooden scaffold planks integrated inside an aluminium frame. Max. load capacity: 200kg/m².


55cm, 110cm, 170cm, 220cm and 330cm wide frames to reinforce MEP props.


From 1.85m up to 21m.


Height adjustment with pull out props and spindles.


Horizontal assembly on the ground.


MEP rapid frame connector.


Hot-dip galvanised profile with surface post-treatment for high ease of cleaning and reduced concrete adhesion.


By crane, transport spreader, lift truck or transport waler.


All MEVA slab formwork systems, compatible with MEP shoring tower.

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