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Brace Brackets & Support


Support frames and brace brackets: safe working, more freedom

Adaptable, simple and economical
MEVA’s robust support frames and wall braces are flexible and strong. They ensure high loads can be safely supported, while their easy-to-transport compact, modular design is suited to a variety of on-site applications.

The STB 450 is ideal when pouring against earth walls and the sides of the temporary construction pit. The use of 1.50m height extensions enables single-sided walls up to a height of 13.50m to be formed. Just 2.45m deep, STB 450 fits on every truck and saves space on site. It can be easily transported by crane or moved on swivel-type castors.

The STB 300 and 300 Plus are stable and economical solutions for single-sided applications with standard or special formwork. Their compact design enables them to be optimally adapted to suit wide-ranging conditions on the construction site.

Use brace brackets SK 80 and SK 150 for single-sided formwork up against earth walls and the sides of the temporary construction pit.

Specially designed for floor slabs and slab edge formwork, they are adjustable with a spindle up to angles of +/-15°.

SK can be used in combination with all MEVA wall formwork systems as well as with special designs.

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Flexibility at great heights 

Robust steel construction with powder coating

Use with all MEVA wall formwork systems, Radius circular formwork or special designs

Use horizontally or vertically

Anchoring system with tie rods 

  • For a high level of structural safety

Supports large loads in restricted spaces

Only 2.45m deep

  • Fits on every truck
  • Saves space on site

Modular, rapid height extension

  • With STB height attachments

High level of work safety

  • When used with SecuritBasic

Supports single-sided formwork

  • Up to a height of 13.5m

The clever system for single-sided tying
Use SK brace brackets when working up against existing structures such as walls or rock faces where it is only possible to work from one side.

Use STB support frames when pouring against existing structures, such as walls, rock, soil, sheet piling and foundations, if only one side of the formwork can be erected.

For more detailed technical information please refer to the download tab which contains PDF information about this product.

Technical Information

Load capacity (see separate charts).



Frame Depth

STB 300: 1.85m.
STB 300 Plus: 1.85cm.

Supported Height

STB 300: 4.50m with extensions.
STB 300 Plus: 4.50m with extensions.
STB 450: 13.5m.


Powder coated.


STB300 and 300 Plus compatible with all wall formwork systems, Radius circular. formwork, and special designs.
STB 450 Can be combined with SecuritBasic for high level of work safety.




Horizontal or vertical use.


Transport by crane or swivel-type castors.

Standard Features SK

Load capacity (see separate charts).



Frame Depth

SK 80: 80cm.
SK 150: 150cm.

Supported Height

SK 80: 2.45cm.
SK 150: 2.45cm.


SK80: Galvanized.
SK150: Powder coated.


Compatible with all wall formwork systems, Radius circular formwork, and special designs.


SK80: foldable for transportation.


Brackets are adjustable +/-15° with a turnbuckle-style brace.

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