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Climbing Formwork

MSC 240

Independently climbs cores and periphery shear walls

Safety with speed

Ensuring a high degree of safety and speeding up the construction process are the main priorities when erecting tall buildings. The MEVA MSC240 Climbing Scaffold ensures efficient and quick climbing even under challenging ambient conditions.

With its 2.4m-wide platform, MSC 240 provides all the technical advantages of large-area formwork, irrespective of building height, with the same level of safety you’d have on the ground.

In addition to climbing, it offers a working platform for rebar fixing, formwork set-up and concrete pouring work. It can be supplemented with a trailing platform to perform follow-up work.


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Formwork height up to 4.5m

Vertical adjuster

  • Adjust vertically by 10cm, enabling formwork to be precisely adjusted as per building geometry

Horizontal adjuster

  • Adjust formwork in increments of +/- 50mm
  • Tilt formwork back to ensure easy stripping

Slide carriage

  • Retract formwork by a distance of up to 755mm, providing sufficient space for workers to execute rebar, formwork set-up and box-out work
  • Move formwork and platform to next level by crane as a single unit

2.4m platform width with maximum length of 6m

  • Safe and comfortable work at all heights

Perimeter protection with guard rail posts

  • Provides all-round safety for workers

Multipurpose for all types of construction work
MSC 240 is ideal for use as:

  • climbing formwork and a working platform for rebar
  • formwork set-up
  • concrete-pouring work follow-up work, supplemented with a trailing platform
  • double-sided wall formwork
  • light infrastructure

For more detailed technical information please refer to the download tab which contains PDF information about this product.

Standard Features

Storey Heights up to 4.5m.


Platform width 2.4m.


Max length 6m.


Two way adjustment: vertically up to 100mm, horizontally up to +/- 50mm.


Provision for K6 Aluminium Beams or H20 Wooden Beams.


By crane as single unit.


Symmetrical panels can be used horizontally and vertically.


Load Capacity:
Working Platform 0.75KN/m2.
Main Platform 3.0KN/m2.
Secondary Platform 0.75KN/m2.

Travel Speed

Formwork 75.5cm.


180Km/h @ 3m (25N/mm2) 2.4m @ (25N/mm2).


AluStar, StarTec, StarTec XT, Mammut 350, Mammut XT.


Perimeter protection with Guard Rail Posts.

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