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Protect your investment

As well as producing formwork, MEVA can also assist you in preserving the value of your investments. After all, the longer the service life of purchased formwork, the greater the cost benefit. Cleaning, re-facing and additional works in case of damage, as well as regeneration are possible.

On request, we will also treat formwork from other manufacturers, subject to its suitability.


Formwork repair and refurbishment

Precision engineering and manufacture of formwork products

Formwork maintenance services include:

  • Visual and functional inspection
  • Industrial cleaning and pre-treatment
  • Repair, straightening and welding in case of damage to the element frame
  • New coating of the frame with high-quality, impact-resistant powder coating
  • Replacement of the old formwork facing with a new alkus solid plastic panel with 7-year long-term guarantee from the manufacturer

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We offer a full range of Formwork Services

From planning and design to special formwork MEVA can help.

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