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Climbing Formwork


Automatic climbing at great heights

Proven track record in across the world

Safety and speedy construction are the priorities when erecting very tall buildings. MEVA offers ideal solutions ranging from classic climbing scaffolds to automatic climbing systems for all high-rise construction projects ensuring efficient and quick climbing, even under challenging conditions.

The MEVA automatic climbing (MAC) system climbs hydraulically as a single unit, simplifying the construction process and ­increasing safety, compared with climbing systems in which every platform climbs individually. It’s also crane independent, saving time and money.

MAC’s proven track record includes the two highest office buildings in ­Switzerland, the Roche Tower buildings 1 and 2; the tallest building on the Indian ­subcontinent, the Palais Royale in Mumbai; and the One World Hotel in ­Singapore.

The completely covered and enclosed unit provides ­comfortable ­working conditions as well as protection against the weather. The platform provides a comfortable working area and sufficient storage spaces as well as allowing concrete placing booms to be integrated. Work on wall and slab can be performed ­independently, increasing productivity and ensuring rapid construction.

MAC’s clever design enables the formwork to be adapted quickly and easily to the building’s geometry. In addition, entire gangs can be moved in a single operation, saving time whenever the formwork is set up or stripped. The complete unit can be raised by 4.5m in just 60 minutes and can be performed by small teams.

MAC can be pre-assembled upon request for rapid and efficient assembly on site. It can be used with all MEVA wall formwork systems.


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Safe and efficient, climbing automatically without the need for a crane.

Crane independent

  • Fast and efficient, especially at great heights.
  • Frees up crane for other tasks.

Climbing process

  • Tried-and-tested technology.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Shorter construction time.

Safe access

  • Integrated platforms and ladders.

High-performance hydraulic system

  • Climbs as a single unit, saving time and money.

Flexibly adaptable

  • Modular system.

Minimal timings

  • Just one day needed for stripping, climbing and setting up the formwork. Depending on the duration of the boxout work, four days per cycle have already been achieved on numerous occasions.

Completely covered and closed working platform

  • Comfortable working conditions.
  • Protected from the elements.
  • Screening blocks outside view and also provides privacy.
  • Construction schedule independent of weather.
  • Enables work to be performed independently on wall and slab.


MAC Automated climbing systems are designed and engineered around your specific needs.
Our team of designers and engineers will work with our clients to ensure that every aspect of the detailed process delivers the perfect climbing solution for your needs.

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