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Investeren in de toekomst

MEVA is modernizing in favor of product quality and sustainability

The new production and rental formwork preparation from MEVA in Haiterbach will be state-of-the-art in future. They will be extensively modernized by the end of the year with investments amounting to 7 million euros – in favor of high product quality, availability of materials and sustainability. “Both factories had reached their technical and logistical limits,” explains Managing Director Florian F. Dingler. “In order to safeguard our high quality in the long term, we have decided to invest heavily in modern technology and sustainable solutions.”


Robots, lasers and photovoltaic cells

In production factory I, the electrical structure was renewed in 2019 and an assembly factory was set up for large elements, H-desktop robots, pipe lasers and shop floor management. Major investments in the infrastructure of the building and the installation of a 950 kWp photovoltaic system complete the conversion. In combination with an energy storage of 300 kWh, approximately 60% of the energy required at the Haiterbach site will in the future be generated by the company itself in an environmentally friendly way.


Fully automatic cleaning

In factory II, the formwork center at the Haiterbach site, a fully automatic cleaning line replaces the disused system. With this, MEVA shows that it is also a pioneer in the industry in the field of formwork cleaning. The intelligent system control enables optimal water and energy management for the lowest possible consumption of natural resources. A rotary system for regrinding the formwork surface and 20 m long roller conveyors for repairs also contribute to faster material turnover, more flexible fulfillment of customer requirements and a high degree of material utilization. Friendly workplaces, outdoor awnings, LED lighting and optimized logistics for trucks, as well as a container terminal improve the infrastructure.


We are consciously modernizing in Haiterbach, because this is where our know-how with excellently trained employees is located. MEVA will do justice to safeguarding employment, our competitive position and protecting the environment. And our customers can continue to rely on the quality and durability of MEVA products.

Florian F. Dingler, Delegated Partner MEVA


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