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It was in 1981 that MEVA presented an innovation, the aluminum formwork walls + slabs, a modular aluminum formwork that is both very light, displaying an unusually low weight, and very resistant. This manuportable formwork, without a crane – known today as AluFix – has since undergone several improvements to remain in line with customer needs.

What is the AluFix wall formwork system?

By simplifying the workflow, with only a few standard parts to implement, it reduces formwork times on residential and tertiary sites, on renovation and infrastructure sites as well as on landscaping construction sites.

Lately, AluFix has been further optimized. Adorned with a new colour, high-quality « concrete grey » powder coating, the new version is also equipped with a technical novelty that makes it even more efficient: all the 90 and 75 cm wide panels (available in 135, 150, 250, 270, 300 and 350 cm high) have been equipped with additional rod passages towards the inside of the panels, i.e. 20 cm from the frame, which facilitate the implementation of panels, in particular during the construction of foundation works.

What are the advantages of using AluFix?

Users need less material to attach formwork panels, which also saves time and labor. Rods, spacers and hinged nuts, which are available on the construction site anyway, can now be fitted above the sealing plate in no time at all. Perforated strips, trolleys and stretchers become superfluous. AluFix can easily be installed with bracing trusses, for example the SK 80 from MEVA. The equipment and tools generally required for cutting the boards and installing the wooden stakes are therefore USELESS.

The best parts on construction sites are those that you don’t need, those that you don’t have to buy, transport, look for, install, clean, or even replace in the event of loss or damage. The additional rod passages available on the 75 and 90 cm wide AluFix panels therefore further improve production rates and speed up work progress.



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