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Planning certainty, investment flexibility

MEVA Rental
The MEVA Rental service allows you to remain flexible without having to tie up capital or take investment risks. By renting the formwork you need, you will benefit from consistently high product quality while meeting GSV (German Concrete Formwork Quality Protection Association) standards. At the same time, you can eliminate the risk of redundant capacity. With MEVA’s concrete formwork hire services, you will also have the opportunity to test our frontline products and solutions on-site.

When you hire formwork from MEVA, you can rely on our logistics team to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our worldwide logistics centers serve to minimize transportation distances and speed up formwork delivery to and collection from the site. By using our rental services, you can begin and complete your formwork projects as quickly as possible. You will also enjoy maximum efficiency and significantly cut back on your operating costs.

MEVA Rental Info for Your Rental Operations

MEVA’s Rental Info service can provide support and transparency for your rental operations. It allows you to select rental data, inventory details, and summaries according to specific criteria, as required by your own particular processes. This will give you a clear overview and full control of your rental project and transactions from beginning to end, which in turn will help reduce your administrative operations and simplify your cost planning. Rental Info services can be agreed upon with your MEVA contact.

All-In RentalPlus Package

If you are looking for a more convenient and cost-effective solution, we encourage you to consider hiring formwork through our RentalPlus package. RentalPlus offers you cost certainty from the very outset. Besides rental and logistics, all ancillary services, such as cleaning and repairs, are covered by this package. Only lost parts and irreparable damage are invoiced separately (for these services, MEVA charges a monthly or overall flat rate based on the total value of all rented inventory). The RentalPlus package can be separately agreed upon on a project-specific basis.

MEVA RentalPlus

With MEVA’s RentalPlus, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Complete final cleaning after return, thereby eliminating debates about deviations from the delivered condition and, in turn, extra charges
  • Function testing
  • Any necessary repairs to all supplied formwork and shoring tower components
  • All checks in relation to safety and performance
  • All necessary welding and straightening works Replacement of damaged horizontal and end braces for panelized formwork
  • Plugging of drill holes in facings
  • Replacement of facing sections (for wall formwork systems)
  • Damaged wooden beams are cut down to the next lower standard size

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides more information about MEVA’s rental options and our concrete formwork hire services.

MEVA’s formwork hire service is suitable for developers with short-term projects or those who need to use a specific formwork system or accessories for a maximum period of six months. It is also recommended for those who don’t have an ongoing need for a particular piece of equipment. By renting formwork, developers can save a significant amount of money and pursue their projects without making an expensive and unnecessary investment.

Signing up for MEVA’s formwork hire services will enable you to make significant savings on time and labor. For instance, there is no need to clean and repair the formwork once the project has been completed because our team will do this for you. That’s one less thing for you to worry about!

You can rent most of the products in our inventory to meet your project’s temporary needs. With MEVA, you can rest assured that all the equipment available for hire is quality-assured and meets the industry’s latest safety standards. As a result, you can set up a safe and highly efficient construction site.
For inquiries, please contact our customer service representatives to verify the availability of our formwork systems and accessories for hire.

Yes, we do. We will transport the required formwork system/s to your job site quickly and efficiently.

No matter how simple or complex your construction project is, you can rely on MEVA to provide you with efficient and cost-effective rental solutions. Hiring our formwork systems and accessories offers you optimum flexibility, giving you access to our state-of-the-art equipment when you need it. In addition, you get to enjoy value-added services, such as formwork repair, cleaning, and logistics, at no extra cost.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses with MEVA’s Rental Services

Some construction projects do not require the long-term use of formwork systems. Therefore, instead of investing in formwork, it may be wiser and more practical to rent the equipment you need. We provide reliable and cost-effective formwork rental solutions that come with a whole host of value-added services. With MEVA, you can enjoy the flexibility of hiring the formwork system you need when you need it. If you require any guidance for your next project, please contact us today or request a free consultation.

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