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Right from the very start, we focus on the highest possible cost transparency, adherence to schedules and a partnership-based exchange with your work preparation, construction planning and site management. We determine your requirements in detail and advise you on all commercial, technical and logistical issues. In this way, we develop the optimal formwork solution with you, both technically and economically.

  • Individual consulting on the deployment of your formwork in all project phases – from the initial situation analysis to the successful completion of the project
  • Strategy development for digitalisation and implementation of BIM methods in planning and construction in cooperation with our software partner BIM² GmbH
  • Feasibility studies & fair-faced concrete consulting for complex building projects with demanding architectural requirements for geometry and fair-faced concrete
  • Consultation for cost-effective custom fabrication and small-run production of special components
  • Development of customer- or project-specific special solutions and innovative formwork concepts

Formwork planning and design

For the optimal planning of all processes on your construction site, we rely on state-of-the-art CAD software and Building Information Modelling (BIM) with our cooperation partner BIM².

We create formwork designs in 2D or 3D, work seamlessly interfaced on the digital twin and make both simple ground plans and complex civil engineering structures visually comprehensible. Thanks to cycle planning and detailed parts lists, we can precisely determine your formwork material requirements per cycle and thus enable a smooth construction process while optimising your material and labour costs.

  • 2D and 3D planning using Autodesk® AutoCAD® and BIM²form, the add-in for Autodesk® Revit® for efficient and partially automated formwork planning for walls and slabs
  • Optimised cycle planning with representation of tie points and joints for exposed concrete with detailed parts lists for efficient material use and cost optimisation
  • Project-specific assembly plans and sequences for professional pre-assembly and preparation of MEVA systems for use by site workers
  • Static calculations with verifiable statics and inspection by an external inspection engineer guarantee the structurally safe use of MEVA systems and compliance with legal standards and regulations

Going digital together

On the construction site, this information can be accessed via the mobile device like a tablet or smartphone. Each cycle is available separately in its own view and thus comes directly from the planner to the construction site. Relevant data can be retrieved quickly and easily.

Working in tandem with our partner BIM² GmbH, we will help you ­navigate the digital revolution. Our consulting, training, modelling and development services cover all aspects of digitalisation and building information modelling.

As well as generating customer-specific added value, we will also put in place efficient and transparent processes.

  • Consulting on development of digitalisation strategies
  • Implementation of BIM methods in design and construction
  • Creation of building component libraries and templates, and definition of necessary standards
  • Staff training
  • Creation of as-built models based on existing documentation
  • Process optimisation using human-computer interaction technology (software development)

A simulated image of a 3D formwork design coming out of an ipad screen to show the functions of the MEVA me app

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