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Williams-Brice Stadium

Chapin Concrete

MEVA partners with Chapin Concrete to expand Williams-Brice Stadium. USC project at the home of the South Carolina Gamecocks

Chapin Concrete has modest beginnings dating back to the year 2000 when Evans, Georgia-based Ashmore Concrete Contractors began providing concrete construction services to the Columbia, South Carolina market. In September 2012, Charlie Marra, Vice President / Columbia, SC Division Manager of Ashmore, formed Chapin Concrete Contractors, Inc. Over the last ten years, Chapin has experienced tremendous growth, which has resulted in a management succession to owner, Christopher Marra, son of Charlie Marra, and co-owner Jacob Stone in January 2022.

University of South Carolina Gamecocks eager to enhance Fan Experience
The University of South Carolina, located in Columbia, was founded in 1805. In just over two centuries, the university had grown from the small, post-war South Carolina College into an international research and academic powerhouse that’s home to more than 35,000 students. The story of college football could not be written without referencing the South Carolina Gamecocks and Williams-Brice Stadium, which was first constructed in 1934.

According to 24/7 College Sports Talk, Williams-Brice stadium was voted to be the “loudest” stadium to play in by opposing players in 2021. Always looking for improvements, the stadium project called for a new elevator core to allow fans to access the 200 executive club level. The addition will provide an accessway for attendees to reach premium seating and various amenities.

The elevator core of the project was built using the KLK system, which is a very common solution that MEVA provides for its customers. KLK is an efficient and economical climbing system that can be adapted to different building structures. It is firmly attached to the wall formwork to form a crane-able climbing unit and can be adapted to suit any building’s needs. The system also offers an inside working platform called flipper platform for the safety and efficiency of the jobsite while continuing to build the structure.

The five-story core consisted of MevaLite vertical formwork, KLK, and the flipper platform. The lightweight versatility of the MevaLite system coupled with the simple and safe attachments of the KLK jump form system made for quick pours and cycle times.

Challenge: How can you support a quarter of a million pounds of concrete 57 ft in the air?
All projects have challenges to overcome and working around a historic existing structure adds its own complications. The solution here is Triplex, a modular system for heavy-duty bracing for high walls and column formwork that can also be used in horizontal and vertical support applications. The Triplex allowed for easy tie-in to the existing structure of Williams-Brice stadium, while also providing a sound shoring base for the slab pours. The tie-in allowed to span a 14’-6” opening while also supporting a quarter of million pounds of concrete, 57 ft in the air.

Incorporated as part of the slab were 3 ft deep by 2½ ft wide beams which spanned over an existing metal roof. Triplex acted as a post shore which was used to transfer a portion of the weight of slab over an existing load-bearing wall. The other half of the slab was supported by MEP and MEVA32 shoring, which was positioned as an offset on the elevator core. Double C-12 channels were used to free span the 14’6” slab.

According to Superintendent Thomas Boney, “This was not an off-the-shelf project since we had to extend the existing slab to the newly poured core.” When asked if Chapin Concrete would use MEVA again, Charlie Marra stated, “Absolutely!” We thank Chapin Concrete for the opportunity to support them on this project and look forward to working together to solve future concrete projects together.

USC Williams-Brice Stadium

Chapin Concrete

Engineering and support:
MEVA Formwork Systems
Spartanburg SC/USA

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