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Walbridge to build a 1-million sq.ft plant for Pratt & Whitney in North Carolina

Walbridge, a full-service construction company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, was selected by Pratt & Whitney to build the structure.

Walbridge relishes a challenge and when tasked with the buildup of Pratt & Whitney’s 1-million sq.ft production facility for the production of turbine airfoils, they soared to the occasion. Pratt & Whitney’s aircraft engines are widely used in both civil aviation and military aviation.

Local officials and manufacturers from Asheville, North Carolina, are enjoying a resurgence of manufacturing in the area. According to, the Pratt & Whitney plant opening will employ 800 individuals with salaries averaging about $68,000 a year. “Pratt & Whitney is investing over half a billion dollars in our region, and the commitment demonstrates large projects can locate here,” says Nathan Ramsey, director of The Mountain Area Workforce Development Board.

Walbridge team prefers MEVA Vertical ­Forming Systems over the competition
The facility plans had wall pours 25 ft high with pilasters integrated every 18 ft. The pours ranged from 80 to 100 ft in length. With the use of Imperial wall formwork, it was a simple application for our engineering team to make it possible to pour the pilasters simultaneously with the walls.

According to Randy Auer, Superintendent, “we chose to go with both MevaLite and Imperial forming systems for this job. The MevaLite panels are lightweight and easy to carry and assemble quickly. We also used the Imperial product line for the larger walls due to the higher 2025 psf pour rating.”

The Walbridge team praised the attentiveness and efficiency of MEVA Sales Representative Chris Kirby: “It’s like Chris knows the correct questions to ask and helps scheduling and deliveries until it all comes together.”

“MEVA’s engineering team for the project produced simple, thorough drawings that our workers on site can fully comprehend. MEVA forms are also perfect for double retractable tie-off points on the two-sided safety handrails,” says Randy Auer.

MEVA prides itself on providing simple and safe solutions to all the contractors. We thank Walbridge for the opportunity to provide formwork solutions for the site and look forward to the next project.

Pratt & Whitney plant


Engineering and support:
MEVA Formwork Systems
Spartanburg SC/USA

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