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New Corporate Headquarters in Grand Blanc

Fessler & Bowman

The $10 million headquarters will retain 112 existing jobs to the new facility and create 52 additional positions.

Founded in 1963 by Don Fessler & George Bowman, Fessler & Bowman, Inc. has grown from a residential flatwork and basement wall contractor to a top 100 Commercial Concrete Contractor recognized across the nation.

According to their website, Fessler & Bowman has recorded over 10,000 projects since its conception and MEVA is thrilled to supply formwork and shoring equipment for their new home. The 80,000 sq. ft corporate headquarters will be built on 28 acres of land in Grand Blanc, Michigan.

The $10 million headquarters will retain 112 existing jobs to the new facility and create 52 additional positions.

Imperial and MEVA32 featured in the heart of the headquarters

The main product lines used on the jobsite were Imperial, the heavy formwork solution, and MEVA32, the 32 kip aluminum shoring system. The focal point of the facility will be a 33.5-ft-tall elevator core.

The core featured a complex design which required MEVA32 and Imperial to work simultaneously to leave a 25-ft opening in the core wall. MEVA32 was used in a non-typical fashion to support Imperial panels while also providing a safe working platform for the jobsite, which was over 30 feet in the air. This allowed the jobsite to pour a connecting wall safely and confidently knowing that the strength of the 32 kip shoring system would fully support the load.

Favorable customer feedback

“The formwork for this application had a maximum height of 33.6 ft, with a maximum allowable formwork pressure of 2025 psf,”, says Andy Lloyd, PE and Lead Engineer on the project. “An additional challenge for this application was to pour a monolithic beam along with the walls at a height of 30 ft. MEVA Imperial and MEVA32 systems were chosen for this application due to their high load capacity and ease of assembly.”

MEVA has had a long-standing relationship with Fessler & Bowman for over 15 years. “It speaks volumes for the strength of the partnership that they would choose MEVA as the foundation for their new headquarters – it’s a huge honor,” says Chris Kirby, MEVA Sales Representative.

According to Chad Walker, Superintendent, “MEVA is easy to work with and the product lends itself to a clean finish. The Imperial system is built heavy to hold the load without the need of excessive hardware. It’s also fast to cycle for future pours.”

MEVA is proud to be involved in the future growth of Fessler & Bowman and wish great success for many years to come.

Fessler & Bowman Headquarters

Fessler & Bowman

Engineering and support:
MEVA Formwork Systems
Springfield OH/USA

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