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Circular Formwork


Customizable radius formwork for water and sewage treatment system construction.

MEVA Formwork Systems is dedicated to providing simple and innovative solutions to the challenges that structural concrete presents in the construction of water and sewage treatment facilities.

The MEVA Adjustable Radius (MAR) system is the answer to these ­common problems. With only a few simple parts to assemble, MAR can be erected on site with minimal time and effort. The system can also be pre-assembled, with the radius preset for initial use. The radius can then be easily adjusted on the job site to suit your for future pours, saving ­time, costs and labor.


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Easy to handle for small teams

Intelligent MEVA product design

  • Engineered for pour pressures from 1,000 to 1,500/ft²
  • Use taper ties or she-bolts
  • Tie spacing up to 48 contact ft² per time and can be spaced (maximum) in a grid pattern of 4’ x 5’
  • The horizontally adjustable waler is 7’-6” long, segmented in three pieces and only requires two ties per waler, normally spaced 2’ up from the bottom and then spaced horizontally 5’ center to center
  • Continuously adjustable radius of 20’-70’ for any circular requirement
  • Uses 6.5” aluminum beam as vertical elements and normally spaced roughly 12” centers

Customised to your needs

  • Gangs built to your exact measurements and structural needs
  • Completely assembled gangs, assembled and ready for use
  • Typically gangs come in easy to transport dimensions
  • Flexible with free choice of facing. Each facing can be notched, slotted, drilled or cut allowing rebar from the main wall to be bent for the launder slab, no need for expensive mechanical couplers
  • Integrated DYWIDAG threads for bulkheading

Compatible with Imperial, MevaLite and MEVA formwork accessories

Simple and innovative
MAR is ideal for the construction of:

  • wastewater treatment facilities
  • oxidation ditches
  • sewage overflow basins
  • digester tanks
  • curved or circular concrete walls or structures

For more detailed technical information please refer to the download tab which contains PDF information about this product.

Technical Information

Engineered for pour pressures from 1,000 to 1,500psf.

Weight of gangs

10 to 12lbs per square foot.

Gang Dimensions

Widths of 4’ to 8’, heights of up to 40’.


20’ to 70’, adjustable on site. Other radiuses may be achieved – contact your MEVA consultant for details.


Continuously adjustable.


Structurally robust steel and lightweight aluminium.


MDO, HDO or birch facing.

Protective Coating

High-grade powder-coated finish plus additional priming and cavity sealing.

Crane Independant

No. Requires crane assistance.


Imperial, MevaLite, and MEVA formwork accessories.

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