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This is MevaLite

The easy-to-use formwork is a lightweight and adaptable modular system for simple to complex configurations. It can be erected as a hand-set system or easily built as a gang and flown using a crane. Moreover, it is ideal for foundations, redisential, commercial, infrastructure and civil projects.

MevaLite can be used in conjunction with all ­MEVA’s complementary climbing, slab, and single-sided formwork systems for a complete solution to any engineering or construction site need. This makes the system ideal for everything from foundation pours and slab edges to large projects.

This lightweight aluminum vertical formwork system offers flexibility and cost-savings on the job site. Equipped with a range of sizes, including multi-purpose panels, MevaLite offers an easily adaptable formwork solution due to its wide range of possible height and width combinations and the ability to connect the panels in a vertical or horizontal position.

MevaLite can be erected as a hand-set system or easily built as a gang and flown using
a crane on large residential, commercial, and civil projects. Thanks to the wide selection of panel sizes, all common wall thicknesses can be formed with only a few filler areas.

With standardized system components, minimal parts and an entire portfolio of other products that work with MevaLite, it combines all the features that make MEVA products the best solution for any project or job site.




  • The 6’ x 3’ panel weighs 86 lbs
  • Assembly possible with just one worker

Job site versatility

  • Ideal for projects with limited time or space for a crane
  • Symmetrical panels adapt to irregular geometries and complex designs

Smart multi-function profile

  • Welded-in Dywidag threaded nuts for accessory attachment
  • All accessories such as brackets, push-pull props, and alignment rails attached with a MEVA flange screw to the multi-function profile

Articulated corners

  • Welded-in mitered corner joints
  • Articulated corners adjustable from 60° to 180°
  • Simple and fast windmill solution for columns

Intelligent MEVA product design

  • MEVA assembly lock aligns and structurally connects the panels with only a few hammer blows
  • Tie-off bars allow access for working on the formwork
  • High-quality, easy-to-clean alkus all-plastic facing with seven-year warranty
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