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MEVA develops Pre-Assembly Team

Saving a customer’s time on the jobsite / Fuels growth over the past five years

Since coming to the North American Market, MEVA has made it a primary objective to put the customer’s needs first. When the opportunity presented itself to save a customer’s time on the jobsite, MEVA gladly welcomed the challenge. After months of training, which included both classroom and hands-on safety training, the Pre-Assembly Team was ready.

Labor shortages and constraints of space on jobsites presented an opportunity for MEVA to provide labor to pre-assemble climbing platforms and radius gang systems to their customers.

The Pre-Assembly Team was created in 2017 and now has grown into a full department. Dustin Chaney, Pre-Assembly Lead, who has worked for MEVA for eight years, started by working in the Hardware and Accessories department. “Working through the various warehouse departments helped me learn all the parts of each system and how they work together,” says Dustin Chaney. He continued to speak about the excitement he felt visiting the jobsites and watching the contractors use the pre-assembled equipment. “It helps to see the real application on site. I can then take notes and make adjustments for future builds to make their jobs easier,” he said.

The MEVA Pre-Assembly Team can now prebuild shoring tables, radius gangs (MAR), inner shaft platforms, and platforms for two different climbing systems offered by MEVA. The Team has made fantastic progress over the past five years and the entirety of MEVA is excited to see what the department can do next.


Pre-Assembly offerings


Thanks to the MGC-F’s foldable design, the units arrive on site pre-assembled and ready to be flown directly onto the wall, saving time, space, and labor. When the climbing unit has been placed on the building, the extensions, trailing platforms, and access ladders are installed from below, increasing safety and efficient assembly.

The MGC-F and the wall formwork always form a single unit. Guide rails and guide shoes ensure that the platform remains firmly anchored to the building even under windy conditions during both the construction and climbing phases. MGC-F is flexible and can be adapted for use even on complex buildings with a variety of sizes and structural elements.

Safety and speedy construction are the priorities when erecting very tall buildings. MEVA offers ideal solutions ranging from classic climbing systems to automatic climbing systems for all high-rise construction projects, ensuring efficient and quick climbing, even under challenging conditions.

KLK 230 is an efficient and economical climbing system that can be adapted to different building structures. It is firmly attached to the wall formwork to form a craneable climbing unit and can be adapted to suit the building – even polygonal layouts. It also serves as a barrier-free working scaffold and is available with a slide carriage to allow access to perform forming and boxout work. A wide and comfortable platform provides all the technical advantages of large-area formwork irrespective of the height of the building, with the same level of safety as at ground level. The high load-bearing capacity of the brackets make very large scaffolding units possible.

MEVA Formwork Systems is dedicated to providing simple and innovative solutions to the challenges that structural concrete presents in the construction of water and sewage treatment facilities. The MEVA Adjustable Radius (MAR) system is the answer to these common problems. With only a few simple parts to assemble, MAR can be erected on site with minimal time and effort. The system can also be pre-assembled, with the radius preset for initial use. The radius can then be easily adjusted on the jobsite to suit your future pours, saving time, costs, and labor.

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