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Entering MEVA Academy

MEVA USA is excited to announce the following employees have joined the MEVA Sales and Engineering Academy Program: Mauricio Ochoa Vazquez, Judah Prieskorn, Nicolas Awad, and Matthew Stivers. The participants will explore MEVA formwork and shoring products, procedures, and concrete construction engineering practices. By utilizing best REVIT modeling practices, the program ensures that the trainees will be well-equipped to provide accurate forming solutions to our customer base. Throughout the entirety of the program, the participants will stay updated on industry advancements, as well as new product offerings.

The program provides a multilayered learning experience, combining theory with hands-on training for a comprehensive understanding of MEVA’s products and their applications. The intention of the program is to provide each trainee with the tools to effectively communicate and tailor solutions to customers’ project requirements. Throughout the duration of the six-month program, the participants will also learn from each department to gain a well-rounded understanding of MEVA procedures.

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