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A new generation of shoring

Strong, efficient, flexible 32-kip aluminum shoring system

The new MEVA32 aluminum frame is lightweight and has a load capacity of 32 kips. It is a strong and flexible system designed to suit many different shoring applications, which will save labor, time and space on the job site.


  1. Flexible assembly
    The frames are 6’ in width and come in heights of 4‘, 5‘, and 6‘ to accommodate varying elevation requirements. The system features adjustable screw jacks to ensure accurate height requirements. The largest frame weighs approximately 50 pounds, allowing the frames to be handled easily by as little as one worker.
  2. Three applications in one system
    In addition to being used as a traditional shoring system, MEVA32 can be assembled horizontally on the ground and then flown into position using the MEP gates. A saddle beam has been designed to mount on top of the frame, providing an efficient solution for parking garages. The towers can also be converted to flying tables by assembling the MEVA32 frame with MEP gates.
  3. Time and labor-saving
    Because of the high load capacity fewer frames are required per square foot, saving labor and equipment.



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