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If you have development projects in the pipeline, the unique features and capabilities of our products are guaranteed to help speed up the construction process and make your job a breeze.

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Choose Only High-Quality Formwork for Concrete Structures

Formwork systems for concrete structures come in various types and specifications. They can also be made from different materials, such as steel and aluminum, and be equipped with a range of accessories to improve their functionality.

To ensure the success of your construction projects, it is imperative that you only utilize a high-quality and reliable concrete formwork system. This will help ensure consistent and superior concrete finishes every time, and enable you to reduce your construction time and labor costs. At the same time, it will allow you to maximize your savings as concrete formwork reduces—if not eliminates—the need for additional plastering work.

At MEVA, we offer a wide selection of formwork systems for all types of concrete developments, including walls, columns, and slabs. Whatever formwork system you need for your project, you can be sure to find it at MEVA. However, please bear in mind that formwork systems can be quite diverse. We urge you to carry out some research and consult our formwork specialists here at MEVA. With our expert input, you can avoid costly mistakes and obtain the building concrete formwork that will meet your specific requirements.

Discover MEVA’s Formwork Systems for Various Concrete Developments

At MEVA, we are always striving to refine our design and manufacturing techniques to ensure our customers only use the best and most reliable formwork systems. Please take a look at the concrete formwork solutions we have on offer to see which of them will enable you to get the job done in the quickest and most efficient way.

Mammut XT wall formwork

Wall Formwork

At MEVA, we have a comprehensive portfolio of heavy and light formwork systems for concrete wall developments of all sizes and specifications. We also have forms for curved structures to enable you to complete a wide range of concrete building and infrastructure projects with unique architecture.

Tough and versatile, our wall formwork systems are easy to assemble and handle. For instance, the MevaLite can be set by hand or with the help of a crane for ease of use and maximum efficiency. Best of all, our wall formwork systems have an excellent load capacity to allow for high pour speeds.

For more information about our formwork solutions for concrete wall developments, please visit our wall formwork page.

Curved Walls and Columns

Circular + Column Formwork

When building curved walls and circular columns, a particular type of formwork is required. At MEVA, we offer concrete formwork systems designed for developments with unique geometries. Our circular and column formwork systems are highly versatile and can be easily adjusted to conform to a concrete structure’s required curvature or radius. They also feature reliable facing/panels to ensure high-quality and consistent concrete surfaces.

Moreover, MEVA’s circular formwork systems are easy to set up and transport. This allows constructors to focus their time and energy on building the structure rather than on installing the required formwork. For example, the MAR, our highly flexible system for curved walls, can be easily assembled and fine-tuned on-site to accommodate a wide range of radii due to its adjustable waler.

To learn more about these systems, please visit our circular + column formwork page.

Support Systems

Single-Sided Support Systems

At MEVA, we also have robust bracing and support frames for our wall formwork systems. Tough and durable, our heavy-duty support systems are designed specifically for high wall and column work. They can withstand large loads, even in restricted spaces, providing an excellent degree of safety and stability when forming concrete.

For more details, please visit our bracing and support systems page.


Meva’s Climbing Solutions

Climbing Formwork

From classic climbing scaffolds to automatic climbing formwork systems, MEVA offers a wide range of form solutions for high-rise construction projects. Our climbing concrete formwork systems are made from high-quality materials and feature robust components to ensure efficient and quick climbing even in challenging conditions.

Regardless of the specifics of your projects, you can be sure that MEVA has the climbing formwork to meet your needs. We have both crane-dependent and automatic or self-climbing systems. For instance, if you want the best of both worlds, the MGS screen system can be lifted hydraulically or by a crane.

As with all of MEVA’s concrete formwork systems, our climbing forms are highly flexible and offer an outstanding level of safety and efficiency.

Please view our climbing formwork page and discover why our product offerings are a cut above the rest.

Lightweight Slab Formwork Solutions

Slab Formwork

If your project requires the construction of horizontal concrete surfaces with smooth finishes, MEVA has precisely what you need. We provide an intelligently designed concrete formwork system for slab projects of all specifications, sizes, and thicknesses. Highly flexible, our formwork system can be adjusted with ease to match any building geometry, allowing you to save on time, labor, and materials.

Our slab formwork system is easy to handle for more ergonomic, efficient, and cost-effective work. Furthermore, cleaning and maintenance is a breeze due to the reduced concrete adhesion.

Explore the unique features and specifications of our slab formwork system by visiting this page.

MT60 Shoring System

Shoring Systems + Props

You can use MEVA’s props and shoring systems with our slab forms for maximum safety, efficiency, and flexibility of on-site operations. Solid and dependable, our props and shoring systems have excellent load capacity and can support a significant amount of loads and slab thicknesses. They also have a wide array of built-in safety features to ensure the well-being of your team on the ground.

Please take a look at our props and shoring systems page for more information.

Let MEVA Provide You with the Formwork Solutions You Need

Choosing a reliable formwork system is crucial if you want to complete your concrete developments in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way. At MEVA, we offer an extensive range of formwork systems to help you build high-quality concrete structures with consistent and superior finishes. With our products, you will be able to construct buildings with impressive geometries while making significant savings on your overall costs, materials and project duration.

If you want to find out more about our product offerings, please get in touch with our formwork specialists to discuss your requirements. To send us a message, use the contact information below or complete the form on this page.

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