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This is why we are proud to introduce our innovative and versatile climbing scaffolding solutions that will enable builders to reduce their construction time, costs, and labor while creating a safer and more secure job site for all those involved in the project.

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The Benefits of a Climbing Scaffold System

It is no secret that when building high-rise concrete structures, developers are often faced by a wide range of challenges. Besides having to carry out the construction work in hard-to-reach areas, the prevailing weather can also create more arduous and dangerous conditions.

Crane-dependent and self-climbing scaffolding systems, such as those provided by MEVA, can help eliminate the dangers and challenges inherent in high-rise construction projects. Unlike traditional scaffolds, these climbing work platforms are capable of reaching greater heights and supporting heavier loads. Because of their specifications, hard-to-reach construction work is not only safer and more efficient, but it is quicker and more cost-effective too.

If you have high-rise construction projects in the pipeline, it will make perfect sense to consider using climbing scaffolding. Here’s why.

KLK Climbing Scaffolding

Improved workplace safety

Adding a scaffold system to your climbing formwork is an excellent way of ensuring a safer and more secure worksite for your team. Climbing scaffolds are generally much sturdier and more stable than traditional scaffolds. They are also often equipped with protective nets to reduce the risk of falling objects that could result in serious workplace accidents.

Wider work area

By using either a crane-dependent or self-climbing scaffold system, your construction team will have more room to work and move around comfortably no matter how high off the ground they are. This will help improve efficiency and speed up the construction project.

Reduced project costs and duration

As the climbing scaffolding system promotes faster work and a more efficient building site, your overall project duration and costs will be significantly reduced. As a result, you can achieve much bigger savings and a better return on your investment. Moreover, you will be able to complete the construction work in a quick and timely manner.

Create a Safer and More Efficient High-Rise Work Area with MEVA

At MEVA, we are committed to developing formwork solutions and accessories that help improve on-site safety, productivity, and performance while also reducing costs. If you are about to embark on a high-rise construction project, we have just the system you need to enhance your workplace safety and efficiency.

KLK 230 Climbing Scaffold

What does the KLK 230 have that other scaffolding systems don’t?

For starters, the KLK 230 combines climbing scaffolding and formwork in one system. Safe and flexible, this multifunctional climbing scaffolding can be attached to wall formwork to create a climbing unit that a crane can lift. It can be adjusted to suit a building’s geometry to serve as a barrier-free working scaffold. The KLK 230 can accommodate formwork heights of up to 7.25m and loads of up to 6kN/m² (DIN 4420).

Your high-rise construction projects will be safer and more accessible with the KLK 230. Let’s explore the KLK 230’s features and discover what makes this climbing scaffolding system a must-have on any high-rise worksite.

Formwork support

Climbing formwork systems can be quickly and safely attached to the KLK 230 using the tried-and-tested MEVA assembly lock. This will enable you to reduce your assembly and installation time significantly.

A 2.30m-wide platform

With the KLK 230, working at greater heights is convenient, comfortable, and safe. This climbing scaffolding has a 2.30m-wide platform, offering all the technical advantages of large-area formwork systems regardless of the building height. Best of all, it will provide your construction team with the same level of safety as when they are working at ground level.

Highly versatile and dependable

As a testament to the KLK 230’s versatility, it can be used both as a working platform and a climbing formwork when doing rebar work, setting up formwork, and pouring concrete. Furthermore, a trailing platform can be added to this climbing scaffolding system, allowing you to carry out follow-up work with ease.

Slide carriage

The KLK 230 is also equipped with a slide carriage that allows you to move the attached formwork back by 70cm. This promotes a more convenient and spacious work area, especially when cleaning, and doing forming and box-out tasks.

In addition, the slide carriage will enable you to move the formwork and climbing scaffolding as a single unit for optimum convenience. This makes it easier to relocate the unit from one work area to another, saving you a considerable amount of time, labor, and money.


Formwork clamping fixture

The KLK 230 features a formwork clamping fixture that will allow you to tilt back and adjust the formwork’s height by up to 23cm. Not only does this help simplify the stripping process, but it also enables you to precisely adjust the formwork to fit your building’s geometry with maximum accuracy.

Side protection net

Falling objects are a severe danger to the safety and well-being of your team on the ground. Moreover, they can result in serious accidents that could potentially lead to construction delays. At MEVA, we are always striving to protect people’s comfort and safety, which is why we have attached protection nets to the KLK 230’s handrail. With this feature, the risk of accidents is significantly minimized, and builders will find it easier to comply with workplace safety rules and regulations.

Please visit this page to find out more about the KLK 230’s features.

Let MEVA Help You Choose the Climbing Formwork for the KLK 230

As you may know, climbing formwork systems have different features and specifications. For this reason, it is always a good idea to conduct some research and consult our experts before deciding on which climbing scaffolding you should partner with your chosen formwork system.

MEVA’s construction industry experts and formwork specialists will always be on hand to provide you with the information and professional assistance you require to determine which climbing formwork will be compatible with our scaffolding system. Our mission is to help ensure that you will obtain the best and most cost-effective formwork and climbing scaffolding solution for your construction project.


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At MEVA, we understand the value of time. This is why we are committed to developing a wide range of formwork and scaffolding solutions that are designed to help you reduce your project duration, costs, and labor. If you are looking for a working platform that can add another level of safety and efficiency to your high-rise worksite, we would recommend our KLK 230 climbing scaffold. Flexible and reliable, our versatile and intelligently designed climbing scaffold comes with a host of features and capabilities to make performing a wide range of construction tasks at greater heights a much safer and more straightforward experience.

If you have any questions about our formwork systems and accessories, our team will only be too happy to hear from you. Please send us a message via our contact details listed below, or alternatively, complete the form on this page.

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