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The benefits of formwork rental

MEVA provides options to promote transparent costing and the economical ­implementation of your construction project without any additional investment risks. Make sure you take advantage of the various service flat rates, which are adaptable to your requirements

  • No capital and financing requirements, as no investments are made in the formwork material
  • Every project has different requirements – with our rental park, our customers remain flexible and always rent the ideal formwork solution for current construction projects
  • Thanks to rental formwork, no costs for personnel for management or storage space in your own building yard
  • With a few exceptions, almost all MEVA formwork systems can be rented from our large rental pool
  • MEVA rental allows our customers to extensively test the latest products and solutions on the construction site before making a purchase

MEVA RentalPlus

RentalPlus offers you cost certainty from the very outset. Apart from formwork rental and logistics, all ancillary services, such as cleaning and repairs, are covered. Only lost parts and irreparable damage are separately invoiced.

For these formwork rental services, MEVA charges a monthly or overall flat rate based on the total value of all rented inventory. The RentalPlus package is separately agreed on a project-specific basis.

Why choose formwork RentalPlus?

  • Complete final cleaning after return, thereby eliminating debates about deviations from the delivered condition and extra charges
  • Function testing
  • Any necessary repairs to all supplied rental formwork and shoring tower components
  • All checks on safety and performance
  • All necessary welding and straightening works
  • Replacement of damaged horizontal and end braces for panelised rental formwork
  • Plugging of drill holes in facings
  • Replacement of facing sections (for wall formwork systems)
  • Damaged wooden beams are cut down to the next lower standard size

Logistics of formwork rental

Smooth construction progress requires sophisticated and efficient logistics – especially for large, tightly cycled construction projects with limited storage space and difficult access to the construction site.

We develop customised formwork rental logistics concepts with our customers and selected partner freight forwarders and ensure that the formwork is always available “just in time”.

What are the advantages?

  • Safe transport and punctual delivery of your rental formwork at the agreed time with notification by the haulage company, so as not to disrupt the construction site workflow
  • Minimisation of freight costs

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