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Wall Formwork


Versatile, cost-effective and robust hand-set formwork

Simply strong

EcoFix is a truly modular formwork system. Multi-purpose elements make it an ideal solution for all column and wall applications in a wide range of structures without the need for a crane. Universal panels, adjustable with 5cm increments, can be mixed and matched to construct everything from core walls, shear walls and retaining walls to columns, with a minimal number of parts for unmatched flexibility and cost savings.

The hand-set formwork allows quick construction where no crane can be used but panels can be connected, locked and transported by crane easily and quickly as and when required.

EcoFix is innovative, too. MEVA’s internal corner clamp eliminates the need for separate internal corner panels, saving time, energy and money on site. With a permissible fresh concrete pressure absorption of 60kN/m², a choice of plywood or alkus facing, no tie rods and compatibility with AluFix and EcoAs, EcoFix is equipped for any challenge.


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Always properly aligned

  • Flexibility
    Panel heights of 300cm and 150cm and panel widths of 75cm, 55cm, 45cm and 25cm for trouble-free corner solutions with any wall thickness
  • Multi-purpose panels
    ​​​​​​​Adjustable dimensions in 5cm increments to provide flexibility between column and wall usage
  • Compatibility with AluFix and EcoAs
  • Ensures seamless combination with existing MEVA inventory
  • Crane-independent
  • Birch plywood or alkus all-plastic panel facing option
    220g/m² phenolic coated birch plywood facing ensures superior quality concrete finish and minimal replacement costs. With alkus, the replacement costs are zero
  • Closed hollow aluminium profile
  • Structurally robust and durable, torsion-proof
  • Powder coated to facilitate cleaning and reduce concrete adhesion
  • Internal corner clamp eliminates the need for separate internal corner panels
  • MEVA assembly lock for structurally continuous connection with only a few hammer blows

Efficient building construction
EcoFix solves the problem of dealing with a variety of column and wall dimensions across projects because of its multi-purpose panels. It is lightweight and easy to construct and offers both birch plywood and alkus as facing options to deliver a consistently superior concrete finish. EcoFix is ideal for:

  • Residential schemes
  • Commercial projects
  • Infrastructure and civil engineering projects

For more detailed technical information please refer to the download tab which contains PDF information about this product.

Technical Information

Permissible fresh concrete pressure (DIN 18218) over full ­surface of 60kN/m² (flatness tolerances to DIN 18202, Tab. 3, Line 6).


Steel. Structurally robust. Torsion-proof.


300cm and 150cm.


75cm, 60cm, 50cm, 40cm, 30cm.


Avg. 36kg/m².


23cm, closed steel profile. High stability and durability.

Protective Coating

High-grade powder-coated finish with an impact- and scratch-resistant surface. Easy to clean.

Crane Independant

Yes. Hand-set Formwork.

Tying System

DW Ø 15mm with admissible load capacity 90kN (DIN 18216), double-sided tying.


Panels: EA assembly lock. Stepless, friction-locked with just a few hammer blows.
Accessories: Welded-in DW-15 nuts, for quick and force-fit attachment of accessories with a single flange screw.


Symmetrical panels. Can be used horizontally and vertically.


Stop end brackets, Stop end claws, stripping fillers, alignment rails connector, Internal Corner Clamp.


Available panel dimensions allow for trouble-free corner solutions with any wall thickness. T and L junctions can be created with minimum accessories.


220g/m² 15mm phenolic coated birch plywood facing as standard. High-quality alkus all-plastic facing upon request.


AluFix, EcoAs.

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