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MEVA offers its customers a comprehensive product portfolio; from foundation to high-rise, from hand-set formwork to automatic climbing technology. 

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Worker carrying a lighweight formwork
Wall Formwork


AluFix is a lightweight wall formwork. Hand-set, this great modular system is crane independent versatile.

Large scale formwork construction
Wall Formwork


EcoAs wall formwork is a robust hand-set formwork. It is a crane-independent steel system with a wide range of panel sizes and cost-effective column panels.

An example of formwork set by hand
Wall Formwork


EcoFix robust hand-set formwork. The crane-independent steel system has a wide range of panel sizes and cost-effective column panels.

Rows of houses created with Monofix Formwork
Monolithic Formwork


MonoFix hand-set system is perfect for all residential construction. Easy and quick assembly, cost-effective implementation on site and flexibility it adapts to any building layout.

Large expanses of wall formwork
Brace Brackets & Support


STB/SK offers the ideal solution for single sided tying formwork. STB and SK are robust wall braces with great flexibility and can be fitted horizontally or vertically.

Wall Formwork

Mammut 350

Mammut, large-scale formwork system. Panelised formwork system. A whole new dimension in formwork efficiency.

Climbing Formwork


The MAC automatic climbing system (MEVA Automatic Climbing) is the preferred solution for very tall buildings where the strictest ­requirements are placed on safety.

Climbing Formwork


MGC-H Climbing System elevates utilizing hydraulics and cranes after the completion of each level, and provides sufficient space for forming and box workouts with slide carriages.

A view of the Roche tower in construction
Climbing Formwork


The MGS-H rail-guided screen system provides all-round enclosure of the slab edges in the upper storeys. The system climbs both hydraulically or by crane.

Slab Formwork


Our latest MevaDec slab formwork system is lightweight and easy to use. It is not bound to a rigid grid pattern, meaning that it can be adapted to suit any building layout and any slab thickness.

Slab Formwork


The lightweight slab formwork system with aluminum facing is a very cost effective solution for your formwork project. It is flexible for any building geometry and provides high quality concrete finish for beams and slabs.

Slab Formwork


Economical and tried-and-tested, MevaFlex conventional slab formwork provides great flexibility and efficiency.

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