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Philippine government strives to build more houses

The Philippine Government is stepping in for mass housing programs through the implementation of the National Housing Authority to forge alliances among housing developers and industry partners to attain 7 million homes for 2023-2030.

Socialized Housing are affordable, adequate, safe, and secure shelter in well-planned communities. It requires cost driven construction. It has repetitive design and high density of units. However, due to the current situation of the market, developers and contractors face a lot of challenges as follows:

  • Budget constrained due to the fluctuating price in the global market.
  • Shortage in labor and skilled workers due to the quarantine restrictions.
  • Lack of available supply of good and quality construction materials due to delays in delivery.



All these challenges are realized by MEVA. That is why, we present MonoFix Monolithic Formwork System as the solution for socialized housing projects. It is a hand-set system perfect for housing projects as it features easy and quick assembly, cost-effective implementation on-site, and flexibility to adapt to any building layout.

MonoFix may look costly at first glance, but it is a great investment for housing projects. The more and the longer it is utilized, the more it’ll be cost-effective. Considering all the challenges it can solve, it is the best option for socialized housing projects that requires multiple units to be built with the same design.


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