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MevaScaff: The Revolutionary Access and Shoring System

MEVA Philippines, a leading provider of construction solutions, in collaboration with Scafom-rux, is proud to introduce MevaScaff, a cutting-edge access and shoring system designed to revolutionize the construction industry. With its easy assembly, exceptional stability, and long-lasting durability, MevaScaff is set to transform construction, renovation, infrastructure, and industrial projects in the Philippines.

MevaScaff comprises a few fundamental components that are easy to store, ensuring a clutter-free worksite. In a short amount of time, MevaScaff allows for permitted heights of up to 50 meters, making it an ideal choice for various construction projects.

Different types of access stairs can be built into the system including a slim stairway solution with a width of 60 cm which can also be used with façade scaffolding, a steel site stairway that needs no additional parts including handrails made from diagonals, and a universal stair stringer that offers variable step widths made from system decks.

One of the key strengths of MevaScaff lies in its certifications from recognized authorities worldwide, including DIBT, AFNOR, AENOR, LNEC, SP, and more. These certifications assure users of the system’s compliance with rigorous safety standards, giving construction teams the peace of mind they need to focus on their work.

Key Features and Benefits:

Multi-use: MevaScaff can serve as a shoring, access, or scaffolding system for construction projects.

Unparalleled Stability and Flexibility: MevaScaff boasts exceptional stability. Thanks to its high load-bearing capacity of up to 6 kN/m², you can store up to 600kg of material per sqm on the scaffold.

Safety: The tower can be safely assembled on the ground. An entire tower not exceeding more than 5 levels can be lifted and moved by crane because of the self-locking technology.

Perfect Adaptability: With the ability to attach up to 8 wedge heads to a standard ring, MevaScaff offers perfect adaptation to any project requirement.

Tailor-Made Solutions: MevaScaff offers a wide range of special parts, eliminating the need for improvised and time-consuming bolting on-site.

Easy Assembly and Cost Savings: The simplified assembly and user-friendly design of MevaScaff significantly reduce construction time and costs and require minimal learning. Additionally, stackable components and optimized stacking pallets ensure efficient transport and space utilization.

Long-Term Durability: MevaScaff undergoes high-grade hot-dip galvanizing, ensuring a long lifespan even under harsh environmental conditions. With minimal maintenance costs, MevaScaff guarantees a secure return on investment for long-term projects.

MevaScaff represents a significant leap forward in access and shoring systems, combining user-friendly features, remarkable stability, and long-lasting durability. Construction professionals in the Philippines can now experience a more efficient and safer approach to their projects, thanks to MevaScaff’s innovative design.


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