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“MonoFix has helped us a lot”

Ric Pierre Torno, an engineer with Rotaflex Construction & Development Corp, is Maresca Home project manager in the Island Garden City of Samal. He shares his construction team‘s experience with MonoFix and the MEVA service.

Interview with project manager

Ric Pierre Torno, Rotaflex Construction & Development Corp.

Why did you choose MonoFix for your project?
“We found that this monolithic system could be used continuously, simplifying our work and, above all, reducing the construction time. Initially, we had worked conventionally and lost a lot of time. But with MonoFix, we construct the formwork for the entire building structure with walls, stairs and slabs and then pour the concrete completely. In this way, we were able to shorten the time for the shell of a building by at least two to three weeks.”

How long did it take with conventional construction method?
“It took us a long period of time – almost two months.”

What were the challenges on this construction site?
“The biggest problem was the location on an island. That made it difficult to procure materials. That‘s another reason why MonoFix helped us a lot, because it uses very little material and minimises the effort. We can use the formwork quickly and many times. Conventional material, on the other hand, would have to be considered in large quantities.”

How long did it take for your employees to get used to the system?
“At the start, we had about six weeks for them to get familiarised with MonoFix. Apart from minor details, it is easier to handle than conventional systems. This also means less training effort. With a little practice, we were able to finish a first floor in two weeks, including concreting.”

Did MonoFix improve your productivity and efficiency?
“Yes, MonoFix has really helped us a lot in making our work faster. With trained workers, we were able to complete 30 to 40 duplexes in just two months.”

Has the formwork fulfilled your expectations?
“The only difficulty at first was coping with the individual parts and not losing anything. But with the help of drawings and staff training, our staff became familiar with the system.”

How would you rate this system overall?
“I have never seen a system or product that is absolutely perfect. However, MonoFix is the best system I have used. Above all, it is easy to handle.”

What do you think about the MEVA services for training and delivery?
“The MEVA team has been the only one in my 22 years of professional experience that has done follow-up, follow-through on the training, and the visiting. Others who have been my partners only show up when collecting payment or there is a problem. Even when I didn‘t request anything, I received important and useful information and detailed reports. This is the first time I have experienced it this way.”

Would you recommend MonoFix to others?
“Yes, of course! MonoFix is really good and can help contractors significantly reduce their construction time.”

Thank you for the interview, Mr. Torno.

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