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Time saved with very little material

There is often an acute shortage of space on construction sites in the middle of large cities. Optimum logistics and low material requirements are thus prerequisites for the successful realisation of projects. During construction of the Handelskai 214A residential complex in Vienna, the capital of Austria, the MevaDec slab formwork made a key contribution to fulfilling these requirements.

Seven houses, each with two parking levels, a ground floor and six to ten upper storeys, were built by GERSTL BAU on a narrow, 450 m long plot of land in the bustling district of Leopoldstadt. For the total slab area of more than 26,000 m² plus two parking levels, each with 7,000 m², GERSTL purchased 1,800 m² of MevaDec slab formwork with alkus all-plastic facings that ensure top-class concrete quality even after more than one thousand applications and come with a 7-year warranty. It soon became clear that this was the correct choice, especially as the price of wooden facings had increased immensely in the meantime. Thanks to the predefined prop spacing, it was only necessary to install and store the number of props actually required. And through early stripping using the drop-head-beam-panel method, it was also possible to save a lot of time with a minimum of effort.

© Gerstl Bau

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