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On its first project within India, the MonoDec slab system exceeded the contractor’s expectations.

The Goal

Building the White Alpha office development at lightning speed
Comprising two ten-storey office blocks, the White Alpha development is located within Whitefield, a suburb of Bangalore. The area has been called India’s Silicon Valley and hosts many forward-looking companies. The developer wanted to build the new office buildings as quickly as possible, allowing just seven months for the structural works.

The Project

The new 10-storey office buildings’ ambitious structural works programme was delivered on time thanks to the time-saving advantages of MonoDec

The timeframe for this project was the main challenge – completion of the structural works for the 10,000m² project was required within seven months.

The Solution

  1. Quick and easy installation

    The ambitious timeframe demanded strict organisation. Therefore, the contractor was looking for formwork products that were quick and easy to use and performed reliably. They chose the MonoDec aluminium panels for their lightweight and robust construction, using 1,500m² of the slab formwork system for the project. 

    The 50cm wide panels, with their easily manageable 63.5mm profile and low weight of only 19.5kg/m², allowed easy movement and assembly by a single operative. The panels are available in five lengths, from 50 and 165cm. The straightforward handling of the economical system helped to accelerate progress on site. The panels were used non-stop to ensure the successful completion of the first building, which was a rigorous test that the MonoDec easily passed.

  2. Convenient early stripping for quick construction
    The innovative drop-head technology of the MonoDec system achieved considerable savings on the White Alpha site. With this method, quick and convenient early stripping of the panels is possible with just a few hammer blows against the drop-head wedge rings, which lowers the primary beams and panels by 10cm. These can then be effortlessly removed and prepared for further deployment while the props continue to support the concrete slab.

    The continuous deployment of the panels was a decisive advantage on this project, helping to achieve rapid progress. The buildings, each with three parking decks, a 4.2-metre-tall ground floor and six 4.05-metre-tall office floors, rose quickly.

    The drop-head method also offers the additional benefit of requiring fewer beams and panels to be kept on site. The generous (150 x 180cm) spacing of the props also provides workers with ample room to manoeuvre on site.


  3. Practical advantages
    Thanks to their low concrete adhesion, the MonoDec panels are quick and easy to clean after stripping so that they can be re-used elsewhere on site. In addition, the smooth facing ensured a high-quality finish on the concrete. The straightforward assembly and stripping could all be carried out without the use of an expensive crane as well.

    The cost-effective MonoDec slab formwork system offers other practical advantages, catering for slab thicknesses between 20 and 44cm while being fully recyclable and eco-friendly. It is resistant to corrosion, moisture and fungal attack, thereby guaranteeing a long service life.

The Outcome

The quick and easy construction of the office building structures without excessive crane time was achieved thanks to the MonoDec slab formwork system. In addition to the construction advantages, the high quality of the concrete finish convinced L&W Construction that they had chosen the right formwork solution.

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