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Monolithic Formwork


One system for all homes

Flexible monolithic form system

The MEVA MonoFix hand-set system is perfect for all residential construction projects, thanks to its outstanding features: easy and quick assembly, cost-effective implementation on site and flexibility to adapt to any building layout.

Many residential projects require mainly walls and slabs, but even when projects require columns and beams rather than walls, MonoFix can easily produce all sizes and connections needed, including complicated offsets and drop-panels.

It also comes with integrated stair forms, connected to the side wall panels and supported by MEVA props. They guarantee the correct geometry of the finished stairs and can be poured together with the walls and slabs above or in a second-stage pour. Customised production of the stair forms allows MonoFix to meet all architectural requirements.

If you need a versatile and flexible system for modern construction, MonoFix is the one to go for.


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Diagram of MonoFix formwork

The homebuilder’s friend

Flexible as standard

  • Panel heights of 120, 245 and 300cm

One floor’s work completed in one cycle

  • Horizontal/vertical structure joints
  • Integrated stairs and stair flights
  • Openings for doors and windows

Light handling and assembly by hand

  • Weight of panels: 22kg/m2

Fast and efficient concrete pours

  • Load capacity: 60kN/m2

Durable and lightweight system

  • Frames made from aluminum profiles (100% recyclable)
  • Components impervious to moisture, no fungal decay and long lifespan

Easy to clean with high-pressure water

  • Aluminium extrusion: T6061 – T6 with ­nominal thickness of 4mm

Quick and simple assembly

  • Simple wedge-and-pin system to connect panels

MonoFix is ideal for all residential concrete structures including:

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Slabs
  • Balconies

  • Window hoods and parapets
  • Curved and decorative features
  • Columns
  • Beams
  • Stairs

For more detailed technical information please refer to the download tab which contains PDF information about this product.

Technical Information

Permissible fresh concrete pressure of 60kN/m².


Recyclable aluminium.


300cm and 245cm.


60cm, 50cm, 45cm, 40cm and 30cm.


Low panel weight of 22kg/m².

Tying System

Tie plates.

Crane Independent

Yes. Hand-set Formwork.


Panels: Pin and wedge system.
Accessories: Pin and wedge system.


Inner Corner, Outer Corner, Wall End Panel, Slab connector, End Beam, Middle Beam, Rocker, Beam Slab Connector, Prop Head.


Symmetrical panels. Can be used horizontally and vertically.


Integrated full surface aluminium facing.

Special Features
Multi-purpose panels

Custom-designed options upon request, to cast walls and slabs monolithically.

All-in-one solution

The MEVA MonoFix system can be used to form all concrete structures: Walls, Floors, Slabs, Balconies, Window hoods and parapets, Curved and decorative features, Columns, Beams, Stairs.

Single floor cycle

All of a floor’s work completed in 1 cycle including:

  • Horizontal / vertical structure joints
  • Integrated stairs and stair flights
  • Openings for doors and windows

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