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Investing in the future

MEVA modernising with an eye on product quality and sustainability

In future, the new production and rental formwork reconditioning facilities at MEVA will be the state of the art. By the end of this year, they will have been comprehensively modernised through a €7 million investment in order to improve product quality, material availability and sustainability. “Both factories had reached their limits of their technical and logistical capabilities,” explains owner and managing director Florian F. Dingler. “To ensure high quality in the long term, we decided to make a major investment in modern technology and sustainable solutions.”

Holes and damage to the alkus formwork skin are manually inspected by experienced employees and professionally repaired.

Robots, lasers and photovoltaic systems
Since 2019, Production Plant I has been successively modernised through renewal of the electronic infrastructure, an assembly system for large-size panels, an H-table robot, a laser tube cutter and the introduction of a shop floor management system. Extensive investments in the building infrastructure and installation of a 950 kWp photovoltaic system round off the conversion work. In conjunction with a 300 kWh energy storage unit, in future we will be able to produce approximately 60% of the Haiterbach plant’s energy requirements in an environmentally friendly way.

The cleaned and repaired formwork elements are moved quickly and without effort using pneumatic lifting tools.

Fully automatic cleaning
In Factory II, the formwork centre in Haiterbach, a fully automatic cleaning line is replacing the old system. MEVA is thus living up to its claim to be the sector’s pioneer in the field of formwork cleaning as well. Intelligent system control enables optimum water and energy management for the lowest possible use of resources. A rotatory unit for regrinding facing surfaces and 20 m long roller conveyors for repairs also contribute to more rapid material turnover, flexible processing of customer orders and a high degree of material utilisation. The infrastructure has been upgraded by means of ergonomic workplaces, outdoor roofing, LED lighting and optimised truck logistics as well as a container terminal.

We decided to modernise in Haiterbach for a good reason, as this is where our know-how is located, with superbly trained and experienced employees. MEVA is living up to its commitments to job security, competitiveness and environmental protection, and our customers can continue to place their trust in the quality and durability of our products.

Managing Partner Florian F. Dingler

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