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Fundamentally simple

Doing away with residual gaps in formwork using the compensation plate.

Who is not familiar with this? When forming foundations and floor slabs, gaps remain between the formwork panels. These residual gaps must be compensated for by means of arduous and time-consuming manual work using wooden parts that – having been contaminated with concrete – end up as hazardous waste afterwards.

This can done differently, in a matter of seconds and without producing waste: Compensation plates are simply placed over the adjacent formwork panels, without the use of tools, accessories or reinforcements, and compensate for foundation formwork with a height of 45 to 55 cm and residual gaps up to a width of 55 cm. The galvanized, durable and stable compensation plate does not need to be fixed in place, as it is simply pressed on to the formwork panels by the concrete pressure. After stripping, the galvanized, durable sheet metal parts are cleaned using a minimum of resources and are then ready for the next application.

The groove visible in the set concrete caused by the 4 mm thick compensation plate is no longer visible when the floor slab has been poured or the foundation has been filled in with soil. The compensation plate is available for AluFix, AluStar and other formwork systems with a frame thickness of 10 cm or 12 cm (StarTec, StarTec XT).


Advantages at a glance

  • No wood, no (special) waste
  • No sawing work – greater safety
  • Time saving
  • Durable and sustainable
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