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1,500 applications with only one facing

alkus facing in figures

1 alkus all-plastic facing can be used more than 1,000 times and sometimes even more than 1,500 times.
7 years: The long-term warranty on alkus provides end users with a high level of planning security.
21 years on the market and some first-generation alkus facings are still in use today.
30 times more durable than many plywood facings and six times more durable than other plastic facings.
90 % less release agent is required by the non-absorbent alkus facing.
100 % wood-free, 100 % recyclable.
1,000 bar: alkus facing can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner to remove ­concrete residue and dirt.


alkus all-plastic facing for economical and sustainable concrete construction

When pouring concrete, the facing is in direct contact with the material. In order to achieve consistent results and quality, it must fulfil key requirements. Besides tightness, load transfer and adaptability, these include formability, dimensional stability, and low concrete adhesion. Mechanical loading and the impact of chemicals, water and pressure are the principal factors that have a detrimental effect on conventional plywood formwork facings, which often need to be replaced and disposed of after about 50 applications. This costs construction companies a great deal of time and money. In addition, shortages of lumber and raw materials are currently resulting in price increases and delivery delays.

This is where alkus AL offers clear advantages. Due to its extraordinarily long life cycle, the all-plastic facing fitted as standard in all MEVA formwork systems is clearly superior to its plywood counterpart, especially with regard to cost effectiveness and sustainability. It can be used for more than 1,000 applications – and sometimes over 1,500 times – and achieves consistently high-quality results. During the same period of time approximately 20 to 30 plywood facings would have to be used and disposed of as hazardous waste. alkus, by contrast, can be repaired time and time again using the same material and reused immediately, even directly on the construction site.

In 2000, Liechtenstein-based alkus AG presented this innovative product as the first 100 % wood-free facing: a plastic sandwich panel with a foamed plastic core and plastic coating on both sides as well as aluminium reinforcement between the layers. It possessed all the positive properties of plywood facings together with additional benefits such as the ability to be simply formed and repaired with no loss of quality. As a partner with industrial experience, MEVA was involved in a research and development community to develop the product up to series production readiness. What at that time was just a desired result is now tried-and-tested reality: alkus facing is outstandingly durable. Some of the first facings produced are still in use today.


Guaranteed to last

The facings have a service life similar to that of the panel frame. It is thus very rarely necessary to replace the facings – though this can be done quickly and easily when necessary. If the frame needs to be repaired, the facing can be removed and replaced without any problem. It does not absorb water and is not affected by moisture. alkus does not swell, shrink or discolour. It is exceedingly resistant to moisture, cold, UV radiation, acids, alkalis, rotting and fungal decay. Hence, there are no restrictions on its service life. In fact, it has a 7-year warranty covering UV resistance and flexural strength as well as rotting, discolouration and the formation of ripples. Users thus avoid any economic risk and are guaranteed long-term planning and investment security.


Flexibility the trump card

Users of standard MEVA panels can maintain and recondition the facing themselves and also carry out sound repairs using the same material on the construction site after a short period of on-the-job training. Sawing, nailing and drilling can be done using conventional woodworking tools and whole sections of the facing can be replaced without difficulty. alkus can be welded and simply bent into shape. Thanks to its integrated aluminium reinforcement, alkus AL retains its rigidity even after bending. This ensures that excellent quality can be achieved even when pouring wide-ranging concrete forms. The facing is thus exceptionally well suited for use in special formwork and tunnel construction.


Concrete with a high-quality surface finish

Dimensional accuracy and flush panel joints contribute to the excellent surfaces in architectural concrete quality (SB2/SB3). The robust, hard-wearing alkus facings can be welded together to form seamless large-scale surfaces. Even after repairs carried out after a great many applications, the surfaces always retain their technical properties and do not develop weak points, something that is unthinkable with plywood facing and only possible to a limited extent with other plastic facings.


Sustainable and resource-conserving

Plastic is more sustainable than wood – that doesn’t sound logical, but in this case it’s a fact. alkus facing has a number of ecological advantages. Unlike laminated phenolic or melamine resin-coated plywood facings, which often have to be disposed of as hazardous waste after a short life cycle, this all-plastic facing is 100 % recyclable at the end of its long service life. It is non-absorbent, requires up to 90 % less release agent, and can be quickly cleaned using very little water and auxiliary agents due to its low concrete adhesion properties. Such sustainability pays off financially and can also be advantageous when submitting project tenders.


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