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Safe and Flexible Wall Formwork for Your Specific Needs

Here at MEVA, we offer steel and aluminium formwork systems that will enable you to build concrete walls with smooth surfaces every time. Our wall formwork systems feature intelligent and innovative designs and features that will help you reduce your overall project duration, costs and labour.

We offer a comprehensive range of heavy and light wall formwork systems for concrete wall developments of all shapes and sizes. We also have formwork solutions for curved walls and circular columns to make constructing infrastructure and architectural projects with unique geometries a breeze. Whatever formwork you need to build walls with consistent and superior concrete finishes, you can be sure to find it at MEVA.

Wall Formwork

If you are looking for a wall formwork system that is easy to use, install and assemble, you have come to the right place. Our product offerings have highly efficient shuttering systems that enable builders to complete a wide range of construction projects.


This modular crane-independent formwork system is made of aluminium and features alkus® panels for ease of use and perfect handling thanks to its low weight. Highly versatile and sustainable, it can be set by hand and is 100% wood-free.


Light and easy to handle, AluStar is our universal aluminium hand-set wall formwork range. It is 100% compatible with the StarTec multi-purpose formwork and is suitable for crane-free use.


The highly versatile StarTec is our universal steel formwork. It can withstand fresh concrete pressures of up to 60kN/m² and has a closed, hollow and torsion-proof steel frame profile that has been hot-dip galvanised for easy cleaning and reduced concrete adhesion.

StarTec XT

The StarTec XT features combination tie holes that fuse three tying methods in one system and allows for fast single-sided tying. Similar to StarTec, the XT has a fresh concrete load capacity of 60kN/m² and is suitable for commercial and residential construction projects.

Mammut 350

If you are looking for heavy-duty wall formwork, you can’t go wrong with the Mammut 350. It can accommodate fresh concrete pressures of up to 100kN/m² which allows to pour 4m tall walls without considering any limitations. It features a closed, hollow and hot-dip galvanised steel profile for easy cleaning and reduced concrete adhesion.

Mammut XT

The high-performance Mammut XT provides a best solution for large-scale modular constructions. It features three tying methods in one system, single-sided anchoring and a combination tie hole flush integrated into the formwork frame for quick assembly and easy handling.


MonoFix is a monolithic hand-set system that is perfect for all residential construction projects. Quick and easy to set up, it is highly flexible and can adapt to any building geometry.


EcoFix comprises multi-purpose elements and an outstanding price-performance ratio, making it an ideal solution for all wall and column developments. Lightweight yet structurally robust and durable, it can withstand fresh concrete pressures of up to 60kN/m².


EcoAs is MEVA’s crane-independent steel wall formwork system that incorporates a wide range of panel sizes for maximum flexibility. With its adjustable panels with 5cm increments EcoAs is ideal for forming rectangular columns of any size. Easy to install, the ergonomic design of its all-plastic panels enables builders to set them by hand.

Please visit our wall formwork page to find out more about the unique features and capabilities.

Mammut 350 heavy duty Wall Formwork
Mammut XT Wall Formwork is ideal for large scale applications

Circular + Column Formwork

Made from durable and superior-quality materials, our circular and column formwork systems help simplify the construction of curved walls with various radii and other architectural projects with unique geometries.


Versatile and highly dependable, Radius is one of MEVA’s most versatile solutions for circular and round walls that have a radius greater than 250cm. The precise step-less adjustment of its curvature and reliable steel facing make constructing curved concrete walls with superior and consistent finishes a quick and straightforward affair.


When combined with the Mammut 350 or Mammut XT, Circo provides a flexible solution for the construction of circular columns or round wall closures. In addition, its assembly is both fast and simple. Thanks to the MEVA assembly lock, semi-circular units can also be easily attached to the formwork.


When it comes to building squared or rectangular columns in a wide range of dimensions, the foldable and wheelable CaroFalt certainly impresses with its integrated safety features and outstanding concrete results. It has a maximum fresh concrete load capacity of 100kN/m² and an easy-to-use CF spanner for fast opening and closing of the formwork.

For more information, please visit our circular wall and column formwork page.

Single-Sided Support

For wall and column developments that require extra support, our bracing and support systems will undoubtedly enable you to get the job done.

SK Brace Brackets/STB Support Frames

Strong and flexible, the SK brace brackets and STB support frames enhance the functionality of our formwork systems by ensuring that high loads can be safely supported. At the same time, their compact and modular design allows for ease of transport and installation.

Triplex Heavy-Duty Prop

Triplex provides heavy-duty bracing for column and high wall formwork, and additional horizontal and vertical support applications. Robust and reliable, it can also support platforms, overhanging slabs and cantilevered balconies.

Please visit our single-sided support and bracing systems page to learn more about their features and specifications.

Meanwhile, if you want the best formwork system for your wall developments, but you don’t know where to start, there’s no need to fret. We will only be too happy to help. Because wall formwork systems can be very different from one another, it certainly pays to seek expert advice to help you make the right choice.

At MEVA, our industry experts and formwork specialists are always available to provide you with the knowledge and expertise you require. With our professional guidance, you can obtain the best formwork solution for your project.

An example if single-sided support on a radius

Choose Only the Best to Ensure Your Project’s Success!

Because your choice of formwork can significantly affect both the construction process and the finished product, it makes perfect sense to source only the most reliable formwork to ensure the overall success of your project. By making a smart choice, you can maximise the return on your investment while improving your worksite safety and efficiency.

At MEVA, we offer only the best and most reliable formwork systems suitable for a wide range of wall and column developments. If you need any help finding the system that will be perfect for your building project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts at any time.

Please send us a message via our contact details below or by completing the form on this page.

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