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Three qualities for every requirement

Economy, Premium and Premium+

Whether Economy or Premium: all elements of an original MEVA used formwork are strictly tested for safety and function and leave our factory ready for use with an assembled alkus solid plastic sheet.

In our warehouse, there is always a new supply of freshly regenerated formwork systems ready for tough use on your construction site. You can’t find the right formwork for your projects on our offer pages? Then write to us or give us a call. Thomas Day will be happy to answer all your questions and provide information on availability and prices. 

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    • Visual and functional check
    • Industrially cleaned
    • With ready-to-use alkus all-plastic panel
    • 2-year guarantee on the frame
    • 2 years’ guarantee on the alkus panel
    • Visual and functional check
    • Carefully cleaned and pre-treated
    • Straightened, repaired and welded
    • High-quality plastic powder coating
    • Refurbished alkus all-plastic panel
    • 5-year guarantee on the frame
    • 5 years use guarantee on the alkus panel
    • Visual and functional check
    • Carefully cleaned and pre-treated
    • Straightened, repaired and welded
    • High-quality plastic powder coating
    • Completely new alkus all-plastic panel
    • 5-year guarantee on the frame
    • 7 years use guarantee on the alkus panel

Original MEVA used formwork

We give you the assurance of the highest MEVA quality standards in accordance with the GSV Güteschutzverband Betonschalungen e. V. The formwork is tested and approved in the MEVA plants, certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Double guarantee of the manufacturer

As a formwork manufacturer, we give you a double guarantee on the full functionality and all-plastic formlining of all MEVA Original used formwork panels. We can do this because we stand behind our products 100%. And because we manufactured them in the first place. The original. Full stop!

alkus logo label 7 Jahre Langzeitgarantie Schalhaut

Cleaning and regeneration process


Industrial cleaning
Concrete residues are removed manually and mechanically

Additional work in the event of damage
All mechanical repairs to the frame

General regeneration of the panel and frame

Used formwork in action

Inspected and regenerated formwork for excellent concrete finishes
When MEVA rigorously inspects, cleans and reconditions selected, used formwork, the results become part of the MEVA Original Used Formwork brand. The used formwork panels are inspected and treated individually according to the official quality criteria specified in DIN EN ISO 9001 and the guidelines issued by the GSV (the quality protection association for concrete formwork in Europe).

We provide a double warranty on MEVA Original Used Formwork for full functionality and the alkus all-plastic facing. We are able to do this because as the manufacturer, we have absolute faith in our products and after all, we built them in the first place. Simply the Original!

Thomas Graf, Region Director Europe and Africa.

Numerous construction projects

MEVA’s used forms deliver an excellent concrete finishes for many years. This has been confirmed by numerous construction projects on a daily basis. One of these is located in the Upper Palatinate region of Bavaria in Germany. A new residential housing is being built here by Baugeschäft Lukas GmbH using formwork systems from MEVA. Two separate buildings with several residential units, two cellars and an underground garage offer sufficient space for up to 14 families.

You would like to buy used formwork?

On our offer page for our used forms you will find current, available formwork including parts lists. Do you need advice on delivery times, quality and prices? Then give us a call, we will be happy to provide you with information.

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Meeting at bauma
A year earlier the construction company bought the formwork systems utilised, AluStar and StarTec, from MEVA as used formwork. “We already became aware of the flexible fields of applications offered by these systems while visiting the MEVA booth at the bauma in 2016,” reports Siegfried Lukas, managing director at Baugeschäft Lukas GmbH. “We then bought the formwork in 2017 and have been using it non-stop in our building projects ever since.”

The quality of the used MEVA formwork is, as promised, excellent.

Harald Lukas from Lukas Bau

Flexible in use
The latest construction project consists of a residential development project made up of two individual buildings with separate cellars and a total of 14 residential units. Harald Lukas explained that the cellars were formed using AluStar and StarTec “because the height of 2.70 m was a perfect match.” The large-area StarTec panels with a width of 1.35 m enabled rapid construction progress to be made. Smaller AluStar panels are used, especially in the corner areas. “This makes us more flexible, as we do not require a crane to move the lightweight aluminium panels.”

Positive conclusion
And the conclusion after two years using MEVA Original Used Formwork? “Absolutely no complaints,” Siegfried Lukas is happy to say. “Right from the start everything went without a hitch.”

News about the Used Formwork

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