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Why Invest in a Reliable Shoring Tower?

Props and shoring towers primarily support the deck that props a concrete structure up and prevents its collapse. They also support walls undergoing repair or reinforcement, preventing them from falling or bulging out, and serve various functions during the construction process.

However, shoring systems can do more than just prevent concrete structures from collapsing. They can provide builders with a number of benefits, especially when used during the construction of foundations and basements.

  • They improve safety on the worksite

    • Shoring systems help protect the workforce in temporary holes or trenches, holding up earthen walls and unstable structures until the construction work resumes.
  • They help minimise project costs

    • Using reliable shoring towers, such as those on offer at MEVA, can help you reduce your overall project costs. They promote improved efficiency by minimising the need for remedial work caused by the collapse of a structure, which could lead to construction delays and a loss of resources.
  • They provide your team with peace of mind

    • With such a reliable safeguard in place, your team on the ground will have peace of mind knowing that they are well-protected. As a result, they will be able to focus on the project as they won’t have to worry about the structure suddenly collapsing on them.

MEVA Props and Shoring Towers You Can Rely On

If you are in the market for a shoring tower that will add another level of safety and efficiency to your worksite, MEVA can provide the solution you are looking for. Similar to our foundation formwork systems, our shoring systems are designed with optimum safety and performance in mind. Made from high-quality materials and using the latest technology, our products are ideal for a wide variety of shoring applications, allowing you to save on time, labour and on-site space.

MT 60 Shoring Tower

The modular MT 60 shoring tower is renowned for its strength and flexibility. A top performer, it has a 60kN load capacity per leg and is suitable for significant loads and slab thicknesses of up to 71cm. Its vertical or horizontal assembly will simplify your construction process as the tower can be set up on the ground without using tools, bolts or pins. Crane eyes are also integrated into every frame, allowing you to move the tower as a complete unit by a crane or on castors.

The MT 60 also has a wide range of built-in safety components. Each tower segment is equipped with a safety access ladder while fall protection is attached to all sides of the working platform. The MT 60 shoring tower also has self-locking connections and its tower planking is automatically secured in the frame.

Please visit our dedicated MT 60 page to learn more about its unique features and specifications.

MT60 Shoring Tower
MEVA32 Adaptable Shoring

MEVA32 Shoring Tower

The MEVA32 shoring tower offers a complete solution for shoring, slabs and garage beams. Strong yet lightweight, it has an aluminium frame with a load capacity of 32kips or 142kN but weighing only 49lbs. It is also reusable which will enable you to minimise your costs.

The MEVA32 is highly flexible too. It can be used as a traditional shoring tower using cross braces or assembled horizontally on the ground using MEP gates before being flown into position by a crane. In addition, by assembling its frame with MEP gates, it can be converted into flying tables. Best of all, it is integrated with screw jacks, allowing you to fine-tune its frame to the required height.

Explore more of the MEVA32’s features by visiting this page.


MEP Shoring Tower

Featuring MEVA’s intelligent product design, the MEP shoring tower is a modular shoring system made for supporting slab formwork, slab tables, beams and precast units with heights of up to 21m. It is compatible with all of MEVA’s slab systems and the MEVA32, and it can be adapted to any building geometry without creating a “forest of props”. Only a few basic components are required to assemble this shoring system, saving you time, money and effort. And owing to the MEVA32’s SAS quick-lowering system, loads can be taken off the prop with a single blow of a hammer.

Please browse through the MEP page to discover why it will make an excellent addition to your worksite.

MEP Modular Tower
EuMax High-Performance Props

EuMax Props

We also offer a comprehensive range of construction props. The EuMax is highly suited to slab formwork with thicknesses ranging from 98cm to 550cm. Featuring a high-grade galvanised finish, it boasts a long service life and is easy to clean and maintain. Tested for safety, it has a DIN ISO 9001 production certification and a load capacity of 20–30kN.

The high-performance and all-purpose EuMax prop assortment would certainly be a valuable addition to any construction site. To learn more about its unique features, please visit the EuMax page.

Similar to formwork systems, shoring towers can be quite diverse. This is why we would encourage you to conduct some research and seek expert advice to determine which shoring system would be best suited to your project. At MEVA, our team of construction experts and formwork specialists will always be on hand to answer any questions you might have about our products and formwork rental services. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time and we will provide the assistance you need.

Enjoy Improved Safety and Efficiency with MEVA’s Shoring Systems

Using reliable shoring systems is an effective way of enhancing the safety and efficiency of your worksite. Furthermore, it will help ensure the success of your building project while also allowing you to minimise your time and labour costs.

At MEVA, we provide tried-and-tested shoring systems that are widely trusted by the global construction industry. Our products are designed to offer maximum support and safety. To discover more about our products, please use our contact details below or send us a message by completing the form on this page.

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