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It is no secret that the construction industry is currently facing a variety of challenges and even tougher demands from clients and stakeholders.

As a result, in order to achieve success and competitiveness, builders must develop solutions that will help increase their overall construction efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

For this reason, at MEVA, we go beyond providing builders with high-quality formwork systems. Our highly experienced formwork architects can apply their design and planning expertise to help our customers cut their construction costs, time and labour.

With our expert assistance, builders and developers can create a safer and more efficient job site while enjoying significant savings and a greater return on their investment.

Going digital together

Working in tandem with our partners BIM² GmbH and Build Informed GmbH, MEVA will help you navigate the digital revolution.

Going digital is all the rage these days, and for good reason. Digitalisation enables companies to streamline their processes while promoting a faster and more efficient exchange of data as well as the rapid and systematic development and execution of construction plans. It also helps minimise the environmental impact of building projects while taking cost-efficiency to a higher level.

However, not many construction companies are ready to embrace new technologies and “go digital”. Even if they are ready, some have no idea where to begin. As a consequence, many have missed several opportunities for growth and prolonged success.

At MEVA, helping the building sector embrace and navigate the digital revolution is what we do best.

A simulated image of a 3D formwork design coming out of an ipad screen to show the functions of the MEVA me app

Our consulting, training, modelling and development services cover all aspects of digitalisation and building information modelling.

Besides generating customer-specific added value, we will also put efficient and transparent processes in place.

To be specific, our formwork architecture services comprise:

  • Consulting on development of digitalisation strategies
  • Implementation of BIM methods in design and construction
  • Creation of building component libraries and templates, and the definition of necessary standards
  • Staff training
  • Creation of as-built models based on existing documentation
  • Process optimisation using human-computer interaction technology
  • Software development
  • … and much more!

Success can be planned

We will utilise our skills and experience in formwork engineering and design to improve the efficiency and productivity of your job site.

  • Formwork and sequencing solutions proposed as early as the tendering stage
  • Detailed formwork and sequencing proposals, including any suitable alternative offers, with cost breakdowns as a tender for our customers
  • Formwork contract planning, covering pour cycles, choice of system, quantity measurement and detailing
  • Architectural concrete consulting
  • Advice and support (also available on-site) regarding issues such as fresh concrete load capacity and concreting procedures
  • Preparation of assembly drawings, planning of assembly procedures and on-site supervision
  • Formwork design and production planning in 2D or 3D
  • Implementation of BIM methods in design and construction
  • Preparation of verifiable structural calculations

Take Advantage of the Ultimate Formwork Partnership

One of the most notable by-products of digitalisation of the construction industry is the widespread adoption of BIM.

BIM helps developers manage their construct projects and costs more efficiently. At the same time, due to its wide variety of digital tools, collaboration becomes a simple process.

As mentioned earlier, MEVA uses BIM software with our partner BIM² to plan and design highly functional and efficient formwork systems. Although utilising BIM for formwork design may not be as commonplace as when using it to develop an initial plan for a structure, this system has already provided our customers, and MEVA, with a whole host of benefits.

Support for your BIM requirements

Adopting BIM as part of our formwork planning and design process has enabled us to support our clients with their BIM requirements. It has also helped our designers develop formwork proposals with improved accuracy. This in turn offers certainty and assurance to our clients.

Automation for a faster design process

As you may know, designing formwork systems that fulfil the specific needs of a construction site can often be a time-intensive endeavour. However, thanks to BIM, our designers can expedite the formwork planning process.

BIM makes the most of automation, allowing our team to place thousands of components and input different parameters with a single click. Then, in seconds, the system will generate a 3D model of the required formwork architecture. As it only takes a short period of time to obtain the necessary formwork plans, construction companies need not wait long to get started with their project.


Improved collaboration

BIM has also made it easier for us to collaborate and consult with our customers. As our formwork proposals become more precise and accurate, developers can expect increased efficiency and fewer on-site problems during the construction process.

Optimised construction process

With MEVA as your formwork designer, you can make the most of the benefits BIM can offer. Not only can you reduce your costs, but you can also streamline and optimise your construction process. This translates into an increased chance of success and a better return on your investment.

With MEVA, you can enjoy the following advantages during the formwork design and planning stages:

  • 2D and 3D planning using Autodesk®, AutoCAD® and BIM²form. We also use the add-in for Revit® and Allplan® for efficient and partially automated formwork planning for wall and slab developments.
  • Optimised cycle planning with a representation of tie points and joints for exposed concrete with detailed parts lists for efficient use of materials and cost optimisation.
  • Project-specific assembly plans and sequences for professional pre-assembly and preparation of MEVA systems for use by site workers.

Planning and Designing Formwork Systems the MEVA Way

So, how do we create bespoke formwork systems tailored to match your site’s exact requirements?

Our skilled and highly experienced formwork architects use state-of-the-art CAD software and Building Information Modelling (BIM) with our cooperation partner BIM² to plan and design all relevant processes on your construction site. These systems enable us to develop formwork designs in 2D or 3D while making everything visually comprehensible to you and your team, from simple ground plans to complex civil engineering structures.

The software we use also provides us with cycle planning and detailed parts lists that allow us to determine precisely and efficiently the formwork materials you require per cycle. This helps ensure a smoother and more seamless construction process while reducing the costs of materials and labour.

MEVA’s significant advantage lies not only in the design software and systems we use but also in the fact that our team of formwork engineers and planning specialists also make it possible for us to fulfil all your design and planning needs.

They will do most of the work in order to provide you with formwork designs that will meet your project’s precise specifications.

Our in-house formwork engineering specialists and drafting personnel collaborate closely to supply our customers with the best and most efficient formwork solutions for every construction project imaginable.

Using their skills and the experience they obtained through completing dozens of relevant projects, our design team can offer you safe, economical and innovative designs that will meet the industry’s most rigorous safety and quality standards.

Our formwork drawings are fully detailed and easy to follow.

As a result, you and your team on the ground can assemble our products quickly and accurately, and use them in the safest and most efficient way possible. And, if you require any expert assistance, we will deploy our technical support team to the construction site to ensure that our designs meet your expectations and project requirements.

Meanwhile, if you already have pre-designed layouts, our design specialists and engineering team will conduct quality assurance inspections to ensure their quality and usability. We will also offer general in-house design analysis in accordance with industry standards.

At MEVA, one of our goals is to provide our clients with a one-stop shop for all their formwork planning and design needs. We can supply a host of reliable tools and solutions, ensuring that we have everything covered to help you establish a safer and more efficient construction site.

Formwork designer studying computer

Let the Formwork Planning and Design Specialists Fulfil Your Needs

The design of a formwork will play a crucial role in ensuring the success of your projects. When executed correctly, it can significantly enhance the productivity, efficiency and safety of your construction site. For this reason, you should choose your design team wisely in order to minimise your time, labour and overall costs, and obtain a better return on your investment.

At MEVA, we are dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding design and planning services that complement our formwork and scaffolding systems. By applying our team’s formwork engineering and design expertise, we aim to provide formwork drawings that will fulfil a project’s specific requirements.

If you require formwork plans with detailed material schedules or support for your BIM projects, our team at MEVA will always be on hand to offer our expertise. Please use our contact details below to send us your enquiries or schedule a free consultation. You can also complete the form on this page to send us a message.

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