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Time savings on 155,000 m²

Contractor: Société Momentanée Galère, CIT Blaton, Dherte, Tradeco

In Tournai, Belgium, a modern hospital complex is being built: the extension of the Centre Hospitalier de Wallonie picarde (CHwapi). With MevaDec, MEP and MT 60 systems, 155,000 m² of slab area, distributed over ten storeys, are being concreted quickly.

Hospital construction accelerated with the help of MevaDec, MEP and MT 60

The project is under time pressure. Another challenge is the complex logistics on and next to the construction site on the busy Boulevard Lalaing, close to the center of the 70,000 inhabitants city. The responsible consortium of four construction companies (Galère, CIT Blaton, Dherte and Tradeco) relies on the MevaDec formwork system combined with the MEP and MT 60 shoring systems to construct the post-tensioned concrete slabs quickly and in the quality required. The work on site was also supported by Revit planning from MEVA Benelux.

With the efficient drop-head-beam-panel method, MevaDec beams and panels can be stripped ahead of time with just a few hammer blows. While the previously concreted slab, still secured by the props, finishes drying out, these components are already used in the next section. Significantly less material has to be delivered, stored and used on the construction site. Other efficient product advantages are the effort-saving, easy handling of the lightweight MevaDec panels and their fast cleaning due to low concrete adhesion.

The Site Unique (“one single site”) expansion project was launched to meet the medical challenges in the Tournai-Mouscron arondissement in the long term and to concentrate medical services in one location, linked by short routes. The new ten-storey building will offer 708 beds for inpatient treatment, plus 140 beds in the day clinic and 1,000 underground parking spaces.


Cost certainty with RentalPlus

A total of 13,200 m² of MevaDec was rented for a period of 24 months. They agreed on the All-in Rental Plus package, which offers the customer maximum cost certainty from the very outset: Besides rental and logistics, all ancillary services, such as cleaning and repairs, are covered by this package. There are no additional costs that were not calculated in or debates about deviations from the delivered condition.

The first floor (22,000 m² area) was completed in early summer 2022, and since then the structure has rapidly gained height. The MEVA formwork center Benelux in Landen, Belgium, also supplied the MEP and MT 60 modular shoring systems. They can be optimally combined with each other and with MevaDec, providing safety and flexibility when working at height. Both shoring systems consist of only a few basic components and frame types. This allows easy handling, error-free assembly, transparent stock-keeping and lean logistics.


MT 60: Integrated safety

For casting high slabs up to 10 m, MT 60 was used in Tournai. This shoring system can be assembled upright or lying on the ground without tools, bolts or pins and can be moved as a complete tower unit by crane or on castors. Integrated solutions such as safety access ladders in each tower segment, fall protection on all sides of working platform, access hatch and self-locking connections even during assembly ensure worker safety.


MEP: Flexible for any geometry

For supporting beams and for slabs, also the MEP modular shoring tower showed its strength. Slab formwork, slab tables and beams up to 21 m high can be safely supported with MEP. The versatile system adapts flexibly to the building geometry and allows large free spaces. The frames are perfectly coordinated with MevaDec. MEP supports flexible shuttering and stripping from below. The SAS quick-lowering system takes load off the prop with only a few hammer blows. The complete shoring unit is simply moved by a lift truck. It couldn‘t be easier.


Improved quality due to Mammut XT

In order to reliably achieve the required high concrete surface quality in the visible area of the new building, the contractor opted for Mammut XT heavy-duty wall formwork, suitable for 100 ­kN­/­m² fresh concrete pressure. With these panels, all expectations could be met to the customer’s ­satisfaction.


Featured Products:

Société Momentanée Galère, CIT Blaton, Dherte, Tradeco

Hospital extension CHwapi, Tournai/Belgium

Engineering and support:
MEVA BeNeLux NV, Landen/Belgium

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