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Mammut XT: Quick and efficient

Betonmast Innlandet AS

Due to the difficult site access, a reliable and easy to handle formwork solution was needed for the construction of a Norwegian care centre.

The Goal

To build a large concrete wall without disrupting other works
The main wall of the Biri Omsorgssenter care centre – a massive 18-metre-wide and 12-metre-high structure – needed to be constructed efficiently, yet without taking up large amounts of space with additional props and shoring.

The Project

The large main wall construction of the new care centre was able to be built efficiently and flexibly thanks to the clever
Mammut XT formwork system.

The large size of the wall meant that it would need to be supported during the concrete curing. However, traditional props and shoring systems would take up too much room and delay other construction activities. An additional challenge was the site location, which was only accessible via a bridge.

The Solution

  1. Flexible and compact

    A large wall such as this is exactly what the Mammut XT wall formwork system was designed for. The combination tie hole provides a high level of efficiency and flexibility, while the large panel surface area makes logistics simpler as fewer panels are required.

    Depending on the requirements and wall thickness, it is possible to tie from one side or from both sides – without the time-consuming installation of additional parts on the panels. The rotating sphere of the fully integrated, flush tie hole in the frame can be switched from the sleeve position to the thread position and back again with a flick of the wrist. It is therefore possible to select flexibly between three tying methods: two-sided (conventional), single-sided with XT tie rod DW 20 and plastic tube or single-sided with the practical XT taper tie without plastic tube.

    To provide additional space on the site, the tying was performed simply from a pre-assembled platform scaffold on the final-formwork side. On the initial-formwork side however, no scaffold was necessary. Here, the formwork was secured with Triplex heavy-duty props, despite the height of more than 12 metres.

    The compact system therefore provided extra space on site so the excavation works could progress, whilst also being quicker to erect. Thanks to the simplicity of the system, what was normally a two-person job was able to be completed by just one worker.

  2. A Strong System for High Pressures
    Because of the size of the wall, the concrete pressures were accordingly quite high. However, the larger sized panels of the Mammut XT system can withstand a fresh-concrete pressure of 100kN/m², which was a significant benefit for this project. With this system, larger pours could be accommodated which saved a considerable amount of time.
  3. Safe Operations
    The simple handling ensured a high level of safety during the formwork assembly and stripping. For example, the clever multi-function profile with welded-in Dywidag nuts allowed non-positive attachment of all accessories, such as scaffold brackets, push-pull props, and alignment rails with the MEVA flange screw. This made the operations much safer – as well as quicker – for the workers.

The Outcome

The care home was completed on time, with the first residents moving into the building in May 2021. Thanks to the smooth concrete operations, the workers at Betonmast Innlandet are convinced of the advantages of Mammut XT.

For this project, we had to rely on the unique Mammut XT tying solution. The compact system provided us with a lot of space during the excavation work and on the construction site. The robustness of the Mammut XT system saved us a lot of time during the concreting operations.

Jo Sandum, Plant Manager at Betonmast Innlandet

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