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Huge time savings

Contrualmanza S.A., Bogota

On the Colombian Caribbean coast on a peninsula in the city of Cartagena, a 45-storey building is being built as a new architectural reference on the skyline. The challenging structural work was completed on schedule in summer 2022.

Luxury 178 metres high: High-rise building Allure in Colombia

Allure, the name of the 78 m high residential tower, says it all: graceful and alluring is what has been built here. Anyone who is fortunate enough to live in the exclusive 234-596 m² luxury flats, up to 4 m high, can let their eyes wander over the pulsating city, the harbour, the blue sea and green mountain ranges. A renowned South American architect designed a slim, avant-garde high-rise with unusual stylistic devices. Changing geometry, curved and individually cantilevered terraces, cone-shaped and sloping columns, fair-faced concrete: the construction work demanded a lot of know-how and a high degree of flexibility from planners and workers.


Identical floors – boring

None of the 45 floors with an approximate area of 550 m² is identical and each flat has an exclusive, non-repeating floor plan. The Allure is a residential paradise with a feudal entrance area, numerous parking levels, floors for events, recreation and fitness, and a swimming pool on the 11th floor. For the construction of the two lift and staircase shafts as well as the linear or sloping columns that run through the complex building like the bones of a skeleton, the experienced construction company Construalmanza S.A. used 650 m² of the lightweight, crane-independent AluFix formwork. One of the shafts has changing dimensions, is typically 6.3 x 6.36 m, and is split in two (fork-shaped). The second also has changing dimensions, is typically 6 x 6 m and split in four (cross-shaped). The wall thickness changes as well as the internal dimensions of the shafts. They were erected with the help of the KLK climbing scaffold with set-on shoes for fixing the formwork. The shaft platforms were installed by MEVA on site and could be used quickly.

The construction company from Cartagena has deployed many of its own previously used AluFix systems in many successfully implemented projects. The lightness and ergonomics of this effort-saving system simplifies the work, especially in areas that are difficult to access. Up to the 9th floor, the Allure’s highest parking deck, the access ramp leading around a shaft is equipped with several beams. In order to be able to concrete these, the corresponding connections had already to be taken into account during the construction of the shafts. “AluFix saved us a lot of time and manpower. With the large panels like the 300/75, we were able to concrete larger areas with the same amount of work compared to other typical formwork,” explains site manager Fredy Mora from Construalmanza S.A.


Time saving with KLK

Together with the KLK climbing scaffolds, walkway brackets and inner shaft platforms, AluFix formed a reliable combination for constructing the stair and lift shafts. They were connected to form a craneable unit that served as a safe formwork scaffold – another factor for great time savings and high working safety on 2.30 m wide, barrier-free platforms. 


Using the KLK shaft platform reduced our assembly time by 80% and in safety terms we minimised the risk by practically 100%. The workers step onto a safe and reliable platform. The system brings great benefits compared to what is otherwise used on construction sites.

Fredy Mora, Site Manager, Construalmanza S.A.

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