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A successful debut


The strategic joint venture of Novatec-MEVA-Pilbara (NMP) has helped to build several key infrastructure assets for Western Australia’s mining industry.

The Goal

To provide support for the growth of Western Australia’s mining industry
The sparsely populated Pilbara region of Australia is a gateway for shipping natural resources across the world for the mining industry. The iron ore extracted here is transported by rail to the coast and exported globally. However, the necessary infrastructure for mine access – including railway lines, roads, and bridges – requires expansion to sustain these activities, as well as the other industries that support mining operations in the region.

The Project

The joint venture of Novatec-MEVA-Pilbara (NMP) has set up a new rental yard in Port Hedland to help build bridges and other infrastructure in the region.

Australia’s strict safety requirements require an in-depth knowledge of standards and strong technical expertise. In addition, the demanding conditions of the Outback need to be considered when choosing construction solutions.

The Solution

  1. A collaborative approach for excellent service
    To meet customer needs in the region, formwork manufacturer MEVA and distributor Novatec Formwork Systems formed the Novatec-MEVA-Pilbara joint venture. Together, the new alliance will provide both technical equipment and services for future projects.

    For 20 years, the two companies have collaborated successfully in meeting the high safety requirements placed on many projects in Australia. Novatec is involved in large-scale projects, such as high-rise buildings, commercial centres and residential parks throughout the country, thereby bringing a wealth of technical expertise to the partnership. Together with MEVA, the systems and services that the region needs are delivered quickly and flexibly.

  2. Robust and durable solutions for harsh site conditions
    The joint venture has delivered two bridges successfully since being set up in 2020. These include a 64-metre-long bridge with a central pier and a 230-metre-long bridge with five piers crossing an iron ore conveyor line, both around 10 metres high.

    Projects in the Outback demand particularly robust and durable products. Accordingly, almost 5,000m² of Mammut and Mammut 350, 367m² AluFix and 470m² StarTec panels – along with STB 450 support frames and Triplex heavy-duty props – were delivered to the sites for the construction of stable abutments, piers, wing walls, pile caps and foundation slabs for the bridges. The strength and durability of these products ensured that they could deliver the desired results despite the challenging site conditions.

  3. Smart solutions for enhanced efficiency and safety
    The Mammut systems – which are designed for large structures with high fresh concrete pressures of up to 100kN/m² – played a key role on these projects. Incorporating DW20 tie rods, they allowed high concreting speeds of 1.5 metres per hour for 25 metre by 10.5 metre walls up to 2.5 metres thick.

    The construction team had no problems assembling and dismantling the simple and smart MEVA systems. The 1.3-metre-wide LAB platform units were also installed quickly and gave the operatives plenty of space to move and work. The 4.5-metre-high STB support frames ensured that the high loads could be safely supported.

    MEVA’s lightweight AluFix hand-set formwork was used for the groundworks and upstand walls, while the universal StarTec steel formwork was used for the wing walls. To safely construct the single-sided walls, piers and abutments, the Triplex heavy-duty prop solution was deployed, which kept the walls stable.

The Outcome

Despite being relatively newly founded, the joint venture has already effectively supported the implementation of these necessary infrastructure projects. It is safe to say that the NMP joint venture has now celebrated a successful debut.

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