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A solid foundation

GFS Global Formwork & Scaffolding

The need for a highly robust formwork system to handle the sheer volume of concrete for this project was met by MEVA’s Mammut products.

The Goal

To increase annual output and cut running costs at the Mantos Copper mine
A key element of the mine expansion is the installation of a ball mill, a cylindrical machine for grinding the extracted ore. This requires the construction of a large new building, which requires a monumental 2.8-metre-thick foundation. Various factors meant that the concrete for the foundation would need to be placed in just 40 hours.

The Project

The Mammut formwork system was instrumental in ensuring the ball mill foundation slab was cast in time, despite the large hydrostatic pressures. 

Over 1,400m³ of concrete needed to be placed within 40 hours in desert conditions, which would require extremely robust formwork to cope with the pressure exerted.

The Solution

Strong solutions for large-scale applications
As a seasoned expert for large-scale formwork applications, GFS advised the principal on the development of a safe, reliable and practical design solution. Recognising the need for a highly robust formwork system to accommodate the sheer volume of concrete, GFS Global Formwork & Scaffolding opted for the Mammut wall formwork system. The strong, industrial Mammut system offered 3m tall panels and a fresh concrete load capacity of up to 100kN/m², which could cope with the scale and loading conditions that the foundation presented.  

To provide additional support for the Mammut panels to resist the hydrostatic pressures, the formwork supplier suggested external bracing. This was provided through the incorporation of specially designed anchors. Twin tie rods with a high tensile strength secured by bolts from the outside offered extra stability. GFS also advised the customer on the calculation of pour speeds, the checking of cold joints and the preparation of construction joints.

The Outcome

With the expert calculations and advice provided by GFS, the massive concrete slab was able to be cast within the required timeframe. After seeing the ease with which the slab was placed, Mammut was also used for the subsequent concrete works on this project.

With panel sizes up to 3.5m x 2.5m, it is by far the biggest system on the Chilean market. And the fact that it needs so few accessories per square metre significantly boosts productivity.

Rodrigo Muñoz, General Director, GFS

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