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Shoring Systems

MT 60

Heavy loads safely supported

A tower of strength

MEVA offers efficient, intelligent and easy-to-assemble support solutions. All unnecessary parts have been eliminated, so the systems can be built from just a few basic components and frame types. This streamlines storage, handling and logistics, is cost effective and maximises safety on site.

The choice of modular shoring tower system depends on the slab height and specific shoring function.

MT 60 enables safe work at great heights. Accidents are avoided while work performance is increased. Safely assembled on the ground either in vertical or horizontal position, the tower can be deployed to achieve almost any height by using just a few different standard parts. No tools are needed, and the system can be relocated as a complete tower unit by crane or on castors.

Compatible with all MEVA slab systems, all parts are hot-dip galvanised, increasing durability and minimising cleaning and maintenance.

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Heavy loads safely supported

A powerful performer

  • Impressive load capacity per leg, for high loads and slab ­thicknesses

Built-in safety solutions

  • Safety access ladder in each tower segment
  • Fall protection on all sides of working platform
  • Access hatch
  • Self-locking connections even during assembly
  • Tower planking automatically secured in frame

Intelligent MEVA product design

  • Straightforward vertical or horizontal assembly on ground – without tools, bolts or pins
  • Easy to move as complete tower unit by crane or on castors – crane eyes integrated in every frame
  • Only three frame types for all heights up to 18.66m: 100, 75 and 50cm
  • Max. weight approx. 15kg per individual component

Compatible with all MEVA slab systems and MEP shoring tower

MT60-shoring tower diagram of tower

Support in every sense
MT60 is ideal for supporting all types of concrete slab developments.

For more detailed technical information please refer to the download tab which contains PDF information about this product.

Technical Information

Load capacity of 60kN per leg.


1.70 x 1.70m.


Steel (Frames), Aluminium, Wood (Platform).


Support slab thickness up to 71cm.


3 frames for all heights: 100cm, 75cm 50cm.


Maximum weight approx. 15kg per individual part.


From 2.51m up to 18.66m.


Head spindle adjustable by up to 62cm. Base spindle by up to 44cm.


Straightforward vertical or horizontal assembly on ground.


Tool-free assembly process.


Wooden scaffold planks integrated inside an aluminium frame. 

Max. load capacity: 200kg/m².


Module connection locked by simple rotation.


Hot-dip galvanised profile with surface post-treatment for high ease of cleaning and reduced concrete adhesion.


By crane or move location on castors.


All MEVA slab formwork systems, compatible with MT 60 shoring tower.

Integrated features

During assembly and dismantling: safety ladder in every segment, fall protection all around on working platform, access hatch, securing connection already during assembly, scaffold decks automatically secured in the frame.

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