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“Getting rid of superfluous props”

Building contractor Michael Weißinger became the first VarioMax user when his company deployed MEVA’s new system on a project back in February 2022. The flexible support system for semi-precast slabs has since proved its credentials on numerous other contracts.

Interview with first VarioMax user: 160 m² assembled in 70 minutes

Mr Weißinger, what feedback can you give us from your first use of VarioMax?
“We built a single-family house in Bad Liebenzell with a really convoluted floorplan and varying room lengths. What immediately became clear was the speed, flexibility and ease with which the VarioMax system, with its grid-free telescopic function, can be adapted to any geometry. That allowed us to work very efficiently.”

On your maiden project, how long did you need to erect the slab support for one storey?
“Three of us managed to complete the total area of 160 m² in just about 70 minutes – that was for everything, including unloading from the truck and levelling. An unbeatable time.”

50 % fewer supports

How does it compare with the standard ­method?
“We have now used VarioMax on several sites and it takes only half as long as it does for H20 beam assemblies. In other words, we are now twice as fast. Another significant factor is that, instead of having to install a “forest” of props, we can make do with only a few. That saves both time and effort.”

Could you explain that in more detail?
“One feature of the VarioMax system is the predetermined number and position of props. Only four props are needed, for example, for a total stringer length of over 8 m. So, for a stringer spacing of 1.60 m, only very little inventory has to be brought to the site, assembled, subsequently removed and cleaned. We sometimes require only half as many props and components as previously. A large amount of the inventory we used to need for a single project is now freed up for deployment elsewhere. Which is a major benefit given that the slab supports have to remain in place for around two weeks. I should also mention the greater amount of room to manoeuvre below the slab – which is useful, for example, for the subsequent works performed by electricians, window contractors, plumbers etc.”

Weren’t there any delays initially before your operatives had familiarised themselves with the system?
“No. VarioMax consists solely of props, double beams and slide-in beams. The connection pins on the beams simply fit into the props at the top. That is intuitive. You can’t do anything wrong. My team really enjoys working with this system because it means they only have to assemble what is really needed. You could also put it this way: with VarioMax, you are finally rid of those unnecessary props you put in just to be on the safe side. And sawing timber beams is something else that can be consigned to history. To be honest, when we assembled the system for the very first time and saw how few props were needed, we wondered whether that was really everything, whether it was really stable enough.”

And how do you rate the stability of the ­system?
“It is better than with conventional timber beams. It is unbelievable how little inventory was needed, for example, to support slab thicknesses of 26 cm.”

Do you think that VarioMax will also pay ­long-term dividends for your company?
“I am sure it will. We are always careful and gentle with our inventory, and VarioMax is no exception. The aluminium beams are quick to clean: all you need is a bit of water to spray them down and that’s it. Concrete adhesion is very low – even after the system has been standing for two to three weeks, there are no problems.”


Karl Weißinger Construction business

Michael und Melanie Weißinger: VarioMax cuts working times and saves effort.

Based in Bad Teinach-Zavelstein in south-west ­Germany and with a team comprising ­Managing Director Michael Weißinger, his wife Melanie and five employees, Karl Weißinger Baugeschäft specialises, among other things, in high-spec residential contracts meeting stringent architectural requirements. “The lightweight, easy-to-handle VarioMax system is also a blessing on refurbishment projects,” says the boss. Karl Weißinger Baugeschäft has been a satisfied MEVA customer for over 30 years. It has routinely used StarTec wall formwork since 1991 as well as the durable alkus all-plastic facing since its introduction in 2000.

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