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Foldable all-in-one solution MIS

Safety on the construction site is not open to negotiation. The safety system MIS that MEVA will be presenting during bauma offers a new dimension of work safety.

Safety system for wall formwork systems and rapid construction progress

MIS stands for “MEVA Integrated Safety” and for a foldable all-in-one solution designed for a high degree of user protection on the construction site. Stairs, rear and side protection, front railings, platform extensions and non-slip flooring are integrated into the system. Tie rod and assembly lock holders enable these parts to be quickly accessed and provide for comfortable work routines. MIS provides all-round protection irrespective of the current construction status and without having to make economic compromises. Users are able to work efficiently without worries.

The MIS with platform widths of 125 and 250 cm remains permanently attached to the formwork panel. Units made up of working platforms and formwork can be simply relocated, transported, stacked, and stored in a space-saving manner. Made of hot-dip galvanised stainless steel and with checkered aluminium sheeting, MIS is designed to last and promises long-term investment security.

Well-thought-out down to the finest detail
Safe, comfortable working conditions; multi-storeyed; and with a minimum of assembly work – that is MIS. The access solution for concreting work with only two platform widths -– 250 and 125 cm – was optimally adapted to suit the application in conjunction with the flexible, high-performance Mammut XT wall formwork. The units consisting of MIS and formwork panels are safely assembled when lying on the ground and then raised and relocated as complete units using a crane. Lifting arms enable the units to be erected without subjecting them to oblique pulling.

MIS remains attached to the formwork for as long as required. The one-off installation of the platforms reduces the working time required for each new application. Construction site logistics, transport and storage are simplified, as the unit consisting of the formwork panel and MIS is not even 30 cm high when folded. Numerous well-thought-out details and accessories reduce the risk of accidents occurring on the construction site and increase the efficiency.

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