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What is the Purpose of Column Formwork?

Concrete is one of the most widely utilised construction materials in the world because it is highly economical and widely available. It also has excellent water and high-temperature resistance and can be formed into various shapes and sizes to meet specific project requirements. 

However, for all the benefits it can offer, fresh concrete cannot stand on its own. It must be poured into a mould, where it can harden and solidify into its final form. For this reason, using the appropriate column formwork system is a must. 

As the name implies, concrete column formwork is utilised in the construction of circular and rectangular concrete columns. In particular, circular columns have formwork sections with a close load transmission wherein the opposing loads that act on the formwork are identical. Instead of ties, the design of the formwork and the guaranteed tensile strength it offers primarily support these loads.

Formwork for Rectangular Columns

Today, many builders rely on the modern foldable column formwork when constructing rectangular columns. In this formwork system, all the essential components, such as panels, connecting devices, ladders, and access platforms, are already integrated into the formwork system for ease of use and to ensure no parts will get lost. A great example of the modern foldable column formwork is MEVA’s CaroFalt.

One of the most notable benefits of foldable column formwork is that it dramatically reduces forming time while increasing the number of concreting cycles. As a result, overall construction time and costs can be significantly minimised. In addition, this formwork system can be adjusted effortlessly to any required column section and can be transported easily.

Besides using foldable formwork, it is also possible to cast rectangular columns using normal wall formwork panels. For instance, MEVA’s MevaLite and EcoAs have multi-purpose panels with profiles with holes. This unique feature provides builders with a cost-effective solution for their project, allowing them to use these panels to build the required structures quickly and efficiently.

Formwork for Circular Columns

Metal formwork, such as steel and aluminium, is available in incremental dimensions and often used to build circular columns. It is more economical and convenient to use aluminium or column steel formwork because it is highly suited for making circular columns with uniform or identical dimensions. 

Some builders utilise single-use cardboard form as an alternative to metal formwork. However, steel or aluminium formwork remains the best and most cost-effective option because it allows you to construct multiple identical columns while reducing time and labour.

Outstanding Column Formwork Systems by MEVA

An industry leader since the 1970s, MEVA provides our customers with an extensive product portfolio that includes innovative and intelligent formwork systems for building columns, such as:



Quick and reliable: these are the words that best describe CaroFalt, our premier solution for building high-quality columns. Four identical panels are hinged together like windmill sails to facilitate ease of deployment. Assembly is straightforward and uncomplicated. Once CaroFalt has been assembled, it can be rolled to the next location via clip-on castors or lifted to the next storey by crane. 

The foldable and wheelable CaroFalt took inspiration from various standard MEVA products and quality features. It has an Alkus all-plastic facing to produce fair-faced concrete quality, while triangular fillets are incorporated into the formwork’s design so column arrises can be additionally chamfered. CaroFalt has a fresh concrete load capacity of 100 kN/m², allowing for the completion of high vertical pours with optimum speed and efficiency. 

To learn more about CaroFalt’s features and specifications, please click here.



Designed specifically for forming circular columns with fair-faced finishes, Circo is a steel formwork featuring two uniform semi-circular units. It has high-grade priming and cavity sealing to allow easy cleaning and ensure optimum protection from corrosion. Robust and reliable, this outstanding column formwork can withstand fresh concrete pressures of up to 120 kN/m². 

See if Circo is an excellent fit for your construction project by visiting this page.

Rectangular column formwork
Circular column formwork

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