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Formwork Systems for Curved and Circular Concrete Structures

Certain architectural and infrastructure projects, such as dams, car park ramps and septic tanks, require the construction of curved walls. To enable builders to complete these projects successfully, different types of circular formwork systems are available.

MEVA Circular Formwork

Round girder formwork

With this type of formwork system, timber spacers are placed between the timber girders and steel walers. In this way, you can adjust the formwork to the required radius. Round girder formwork is best suited to the construction of multiple concrete structures with identical radii.

Flexible girder formwork

Flexible girder formwork consists of timber/steel girders and a spindle that will enable you to adjust the formwork to meet your project’s specifications without having to reassemble the panels. As a result, this formwork system is ideal for projects that require curved walls with different radii. In most cases, flexible girder formwork is pre-assembled in a “flat” condition before being transported and adjusted onsite.

Polygonal formwork

Polygonal formwork comprises “flat” frame formwork panels that have been repurposed by adding supplementary radius panels and rails. This is why this circular formwork is also sometimes known as frame formwork. Polygonal formwork provides builders with a cost-effective solution when building curved walls. They can be transformed from existing frame formwork systems into polygonal wall formwork by simply adding several accessories.

Circular column formwork

Besides curved walls, some infrastructure projects may require circular columns, especially when constructing piling or elevation of buildings, bridge pillars and areas where the movement of people should not be hindered. Generally speaking, steel or aluminium forms are used to build circular columns as they are available in incremental dimensions and can be easily adjusted to match a column’s dimensions.

Similar to any formwork system, choosing the appropriate circular formwork is crucial as it can have a significant impact on the execution and completion of your project. At MEVA, we urge you to equip yourself with in-depth knowledge to ensure you will achieve the best possible results. To help you make an informed decision, our formwork experts are always available to provide you with the information and/or comparison tool you need.

Explore MEVA’s Innovative Circular Formwork Systems

As an industry leader and pioneer, MEVA has provided the global construction industry with innovative, cost-effective and reliable formwork solutions over several decades. Please browse through our product portfolio below to find the circular and column formwork systems that will meet your project’s specific requirements.


Radius circular formwork is flexible, dependable and highly suitable for circular walls with a radius of at least 250cm. Quick and easy to install, it allows the precise step-less adjustment of a concrete structure’s curvature. The formwork’s coated steel facing is widely known for producing high-quality and consistent concrete surfaces. With a fresh concrete load capacity of 60kN/m², Radius is reliable at high pour speeds and large formwork cycles. This wall formwork is also compatible with other MEVA products, such as AluStar, StarTec, Mammut 350 and Mammut XT.

Do you think Radius is the circular formwork system you need? Discover more of its features and specifications by visiting this page.

Radius Circular Formwork
Circo On Site


When building columns or round wall closures, Circo provides a flexible solution, especially when used with Mammut 350 or Mammut XT. This steel formwork system consists of two identical semicircular units and is designed specifically for the construction of circular columns with fair-faced finishes. It comes with high-grade priming and cavity sealing that protects it from corrosion and allows for easy cleaning. Safe and reliable, Circo has a fresh concrete load capacity of up to 120kN/m². It also has walers that can be easily adjusted onsite and which are suitable for a wide range of radii.

Please click here to learn more about Circo.

Let MEVA Help You Find the Formwork You Need

For unique concrete structures such as curved walls and circular columns, you will need a formwork system you can rely on and, more importantly, one that will meet your project’s specifications. At MEVA, we are committed to providing our clients with concrete formwork solutions that are safe, reliable and easy to use. If you are looking for formwork that can help speed up the construction process and provide you with bigger savings and a better return on your investment, our systems won’t let you down.

Do you need any expert advice or assistance? Our formwork specialists will be happy to help so you can find the best MEVA formwork solution for your project. Please get in touch with us today via our contact details listed below or by completing the form on this page.

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