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Sharing knowledge and experience

Formed on the basis of MEVA’s corporate values, the MEVA Academy offers all customers, distributors and employees insights into the company’s forward-thinking formwork systems. The programme covers subjects relating to formwork system applications and safety requirements, and also includes attractive continuing professional development (CPD) offerings.

Formwork technology in practice

The MEVA Academy is not only about conveying theoretical knowledge, but it is also designed to provide hands-on experience of formwork technology.

As well as receiving a tour of the Haiterbach plant and a presentation on the MEVA systems, participants also have the chance to “learn by doing” through the assembly of formwork in a team. This combination of theory and practice helps to maximise the learning success by making the content more tangible and easier to grasp.

Why take part in MEVA Academy training?

  • Structured, easy-to-understand product training tailored precisely to your requirements
  • Direct and immediately applicable practical knowledge and valuable tips imparted by formwork experts with decades of experience
  • Safe, fast and efficient use of MEVA systems and formwork
  • Qualification and motivation of your employees
  • More effective utilisation of your formwork equipment and correct handling on the construction site leads to time savings and reduces follow-up costs

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