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„Services at the highest level“

The premises used by the MEVA subsidiary in Hungary had become too small. Hence, it has now moved to a new, spacious location in Budapest that has modern equipment and offices. Mihály Botta-Dukát, managing director of MEVA Hungary since 2011, knows the requirements and wishes of the construction industry in his home country better than almost anyone else. He is very happy about the new opportunities offered by the new site on the Dunakeszi industrial estate.

MEVA has been present in Hungary since 1993. How has the business developed since then?
Apart from the period during the global economic crisis in 2008/2009, we have enjoyed continuous growth. Over the course of more than 30 years, we have been able to increase our turnover and the number of employees and customers many times over. During this period countless buildings have come into being with the help of our portfolio.

Which ones for example?
Examples include some remarkable projects such as the football stadium in Felcsút or the market hall in Pécs with captivating arcade arches. Our experienced formwork experts, efficient products, bespoke services and partnership-based cooperation with the customers at all times have contributed to ensuring that even projects involving high technical and qualitative requirements were always completed successfully. However, we desperately needed more space, and I am delighted that we were able to complete the relocation on time just before Christmas 2023.

How does your new headquarters differ from the old one?
We now have an even better connection to the major road network, an optimum amount of storage space for all relevant MEVA products, and the infrastructure required to install an automated grinding machine and, at a later date, a cutting-edge reconditioning plant for rental formwork. All building services are state of the art and designed for sustainability throughout. For example, the building’s heating and cooling systems are environmental friendly due to the use of heat pumps.

Do all customers in Hungary profit from the new location?
Yes, they do. However, we now possess enough capacity to offer our formwork systems and services at the highest level to customers in regions of Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania.


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