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Climbing Formwork


All-round protection at all heights

Safe and quick assembly

Safety and speedy construction are the priorities when erecting very tall buildings. MEVA offers ideal solutions ranging from classic climbing scaffolds to automatic climbing systems for all high-rise construction projects ensuring efficient and quick climbing, even under challenging conditions.

The MEVA guided screen (MGS-H) system encloses entire storeys of a building, irrespective of the height of the building. Maximum safety is ­guaranteed during all phases of the work in almost all weather conditions, making MGS-H an ideal choice for high-rise construction.

MGS-H can be safely and efficiently assembled on the ground or delivered ­pre-assembled on site, saving time and space. It remains connected to the building during the entire ­construction period and can be attached to either the slab or the wall. The screening is completely closed, optionally with cladding sheet (perforated or ­unperforated) or with various fabrics.

Choose the size of the units and adapt them to suit the shape of the building. Even large-format units can be climbed quickly and safely in one lift.

Besides safety, the focus is on ergonomics: weight-optimised hydraulic cylinders, a mobile hydraulic unit and the lightweight MGS-H guide shoe make assembly easy with no need for cranes.


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Adaptable and efficient

System with individual units

  • Flexible adaptation to floor plan and geometry
  • Free positioning of guide rails
  • Economical solution for almost all buildings due to flexible widths

Ergonomic work

  • Thanks to weight-optimised components

Safe and rapid assembly

  • Assemble on ground
  • Can be delivered as pre-assembled unit

All-in-one solution

  • ​Use in conjunction with MGC-H and MAC for optimum safety and efficient construction process

Used flexibly with and without working platform

Safe and secure working at great heights

  • MGS-H is the ideal solution for a full enclosed safety screen system for high-rise construction.

For more detailed technical information please refer to the download tab which contains PDF information about this product.

Technical Information

Storey heights of 3-4.25m.

Vertical Spacing

Guiding rails up to 4.5m spacing.


By hydraulics or crane.

Wind Speed

Climbing in winds up to 70km/h.




All round enclosure of slab edges provided by MGS-H rail-guided screen system.

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