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Slab Formwork


One system – three slab-forming methods

Lighter and more ergonomic.

The requirements for slab formwork vary, depending on your project’s floor plan, room dimensions, ceiling height, slab thickness and underside of slab. MevaDec is the solution: a slab formwork system made up of aluminium sections and an integrated plastic forming facing.

MevaDec is designed to enable various slab formwork methods to be carried out using one single system. This means identical parts can be used for different applications, from the drop-head-beam-panel and primary-and-secondary-beam methods to the panel method. No matter which forming method is best for your construction project, the same components are always used. The system also allows the different methods to be combined, significantly reducing the number of filler areas.

MevaDec can be flexibly adapted to suit any building layout and any slab thickness. Minimised filler areas allow a quick and easy set up, while predefined prop spacing ensures safety and optimised material stock on site.

It’s lightweight, easy to clean and ergonomically designed for easy handling.


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Lightweight and safe

  • Weight-optimised system for ergonomic and efficient work
  • System defined prop spacing aids safety

One system – three slab-forming methods

  • Drop-head-beam-panel method (FTE)
  • Primary- and-secondary-beam method (HN)
  • Panel method (E)

Closed aluminium section

  • Ergonomic grip profile
  • High-quality cured powder-coated finish for easy cleaning and reduced concrete adhesion

Sophisticated MEVA product design

  • High-quality alkus all-plastic facing with seven-year warranty
  • Durable and easy to repair
  • Compatible with previous generation of MevaDec
  • Robust, lightweight panels with grip openings to simplify handling

Robust yet flexible

  • MevaDec is ideal for slab formwork applications in all areas.

For more detailed technical information please refer to the download tab which contains PDF information about this product.

Technical Information



40cm, 60cm, 80cm and 160cm.


Primary Beam: 270cm, 210cm, 160cm and 80cm.
Secondary Beam: 160cm and 80cm.
Compensation Beam: 210cm, 160cm, 80cm, 60cm and 40cm.

Largest panel

160 x 160cm.


Standard panel 160/80cm weighs only 16kg/m².


Closed profile for a high degree of stability and durability.

Drophead stripping


Protective coating

Powder coating for high ease of cleaning and reduced concrete adhesion.

Assembly Method

3 methods in one system: Drop-head-beam-panel method (FTE), Primary- and-secondary-beam method (HN), Panel method (E).


MevaDec panel connector.


High-quality alkus all-plastic panel AL 10 – 7-year long-term warranty (FTE, E method) and optionally 3S, alkus or other alternatives (HN method).


MEP and MT 60 shoring towers, EuMax props.


Trouble-free connections to conventionally formed areas with MevaFlex.


Meva SpanSet, guard-railing posts and MEVA safety mesh, MAB working platform.

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